Subject: Capt. Isaac Skinner

Date: 21 Apr 1999

From: JObrien993@aol.com

I am looking for the burial place for Capt. Isaac Skinner. He died in Columbia Co, Ga.in 1805.

Alanda O'Brien


Subject: Query Response

Date: 02 Apr 2000

From: Vicki Skinner vski@internetcds.com

Hi, My name is Vicki Skinner and I have been doing research on Capt. Isaac Skinners family for over 12 years. Your query of April 1999 says you wish to know where he is buried? Are you still looking? I will gladly share information. I have a lot. What line are you from?

email: srenniks@yahoo.com

Vicki Skinner

Subject: William B. Skinner b. abt 1845 in Stourbridge, England

Date: 17 Apr 1999

From: Jmjcmink@aol.com

Looking for information on William B. Skinner b. abt 1845 in Stourbridge, England, m. Maria Sheldon/Skeldon and came to New Bedford, MA with their children, Thomas, Frances, Eliza and Alfred. They moved to Philadephia, PA and then to Hammonton, NJ where they built a cut glass factory. Their son Thomas took over the business and ran it with the help of his children.

Subject: Eliza Skinner, born in Little Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Date: 17 Apr 1999

From: "Alice and Paul Gallant" midnite@nb.sympatico.ca

I am looking for Eliza Skinner, born in Little Bay, Newfoundland, Canada around 1890 . Married Matthew Garland, born Saddle Island, Newfoundland, Canada around 1890.

Their children were John, Minnie, Wilfred and Cecil.

Subject: eBay portfolio of Elizabeth Skinner 1870's

Date: 16 Apr 1999

From: shlew shlew@denver.net


> This is a Victorian lady's portfolio. It contains a few documents having belonged to

> Elizabeth Skinner on Poughkeepsie, New York, such as her bill to Vassar college and

> some private letters. Items are dated during the 1870's. Dark green morocco, deeply

> blindstamped with the same pattern of each side. There is no key for the lock (it is

> unlocked). Measures 10.75" x 9". Buyer pays $5.25 sh (includes insurance). Good luck in

> your bidding.


Happened across this and just couldn't let it pass.

It's amazing how much family history is sold on eBay in the form of photos, bibles, letters etc. This is the first folio I've seen and couldn't resist posting it to SOMEONE!!

Hope it's helpful


Subject: Sarah Skinner and William Whiddon

Date: 14 Apr 1999

From: "Gerald L Whiddon" glwhiddon@prodigy.net

Looking for Marriage info on Sarah Skinner and William Whiddon. When and where did they marry? He born abt 1793-5, her abt 1800.


Subject: Augustus Skinner born Aug. 1848 in AL

Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999

From: "Harold Gosnell" gosnell@worldnetla.net

My great grandfather: Augustus Skinner born Aug. 1848 in Al.(1900 census of Vernon Parish, La.) moved to Newton, Tx. ? He married Minerva Stone James 1872 ? children: James A. Skinner born Mar. 1876 Tx., Evander Bernard Skinner born Oct 25 1889 Freestone Co., Tx. (Death cert.) Evander B. Bernard married Hattie Grimes ? Child Adams Skinner. then married Alice Cooper Dowden Dunn ? Children: Tea Ola Skinner, William Penn Skinner, E.B. Skinner, George Skinner, Etta Inez Skinner May 1916. Then married Myrtis Hinson childern: Vernal Skinner, John D. Skinner. Evander died Aug 28 1956.

Harold Gosnell


Subject: Crawford County PA Census Records

Date: 3 Apr 1999

From: "Art & Ingrid Skinner" skinner@busynet.net


I have results from a census search in Crawford County, Penn. Some of the individuals are ancestors, but others we cannot be sure (The information is very vague).

Please check the following records and let me know if you can identify any of the below individuals. I would like to narrow down who is who.

Crawford County Pennsylvania Census Records


Skinner, John Mead Twp.

Males 20-30 (1)

Males 60-70 (1)

Females 50-60 (1)


Skinner, Cornelius Vernon Twp.

Males 30-40 (1) Females 30-40 (1)

Males 10-15 (1) Females 5-10 (1)

Males 5-10 (1) Females under 5 (2)


Skinner, John Vernon Twp.

Males 20-30 (1) Females 20-30 (1)

Females 60-70 (1)


Skinner, Reuben Summerhill Twp.

Males 20-30 (2) Females 20-30 (1)

Females under 5 (1)


Skinner, Israel Summerhill Twp

Males 20-30 (1) Females 20-30 (1)

Males 5-10 (1)

Males under 5 (3)


Skinner, Reuben Summerhill Twp

Males 30-40 (1) Females 30-40 (1)

Males under 5 (1) Females 10-15 (1)

Females 5-10 (1)

Females under 5 (1)


Fox, Aaron Vernon Twp.

Males 40-50 (1) Females 40-50 (1)

Males 10-15 (1) Females 15-20 (1)

Males 5-10 (1)


Skinner, John Vernon Twp.

Males 70-80 (1) Females 60-70 (1)


Skinner, Jesse Meadville, PA

34 years old, incarcerated in the county jail and labeled "Insane"

Thank you!!!

Subject: William Wesley Skinner b Sept 13, 1872, AL

Date: 3 Apr 1999

From: Lori A. Skinner Skinnerx6@aol.com

Looking for Parents of William Wesley Skinner b. sept 13, 1872 @ ALA. married to Ada Millander (?). William also had a twin brother named John skinner I have had no luck finding either one of them....

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Lori A. Skinner

Subject: Skinners in Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC)

Date: 1 Apr 1999

From: Steve SPritch209@aol.com

Hi everyone:

My name is Steve A. Pritchett and I am looking for information on Skinners that started in Virginia and later moved to North Carolina. I have lots of information that I can help others with but I need details on some of the branches to my tree. You can find more detail listings in my web site so please contact me at ,


if you would look here you will find all of the brothers and sisters and listings of other names that connect to my family tree. Thank you.

God Bless


Subject: Nancy Skinner m William L. Waters Aug. 25, 1873 in Rankin Co., Ms.

Date: 24 Mar 1999

From: Juanita Waters jwaters@cwo.com

I am looking for descendants of Nancy Skinner who married William L. Waters Aug. 25, 1873 in Rankin Co., Ms.. I know nothing else about Nancy. William was born abt. 1849 in Ms. so I am assuming Nancy was born in Ms. also. William L. was one of several children born to David L. Waters and Rachel Bell.


Juanita Waters


Subject: Lorenzo---his son Jeremiah-- his family.

Date: 22 Mar 1999

From: SPritch209@aol.com

Lorenzo---his son Jeremiah-- his family.

I now have family members going down from Jeremiah born NC. 1836 married Adaline Kirby. I now have my own family leading to me of Lorenza Manual Skinner but his siblings of Edward Skinner, and Edward off spring of Myrtle Leona Skinner, William Alford Skinner. I have lots of other information on this Skinner family will share. But would like information on Jeremiah's siblings and his kids and families. Here are some of the Skinner names.

Father Lorenzo 1813 Virginia

Henry W. Skinner 1834

Jeremiah [Jake, James] Skinner 1836 m. Emily Adaline Kirby

Sariah Skinner 1840 m. Thomas W. Anderson

Anna Catherine 1847 m. Caswell Wheeler

James E. Skinner 1850

Rebecca Skinner 1852

Jeremiah's family

Lorenzo Manuel Skinner 1861 m Florence [Fannie] Roach

William H. Skinner 1865 m. Martha Polly

Charles M. Skinner 1870 m T. Heresa Myrtle Hook

Edwin Skinner 1872 m. Rebecca Reed

Nathaniel Cassaway Skinner 1879 m. Eva May Stout

Austie Emily Skinner 1885 m. Charles Arthur Hook

Lizzie Skinner unkown

If you know of someone or you are yourselves related to any of these Skinner members, Please--Please would you get back to me? You may see the rest of my lines at this web site. http://www.Familytreemaker.com/users/p/r/i/Steve-A-Pritchett/. I would be interested in sharing all information and giving any help that I can.

Subject: LOUIS (Lewis?) SKINNER, b abt 1806 in Clarke Co, Georgia

Date: 11 Mar 1999

From: NAlden@aol.com

Seeking info on LOUIS (Lewis?) SKINNER ,born abt 1806 in Clarke Co, Georgia and wife, LUCINDA SKINNER (b abt 1820 in Jasper co GA) who lived in MUSCOGEE CO (Columbus), GA in 1860. Also lived there in 1850 with children:

1. SARAH SKINNER (b 1836) married Joseph DIMON

They had children:





They had a child:


3. ELIZABETH SKINNER (b abt 1847)

ALSO may be related to WILLIS and ELEANOR SKINNER who live in Muscogee Co in 1850 OR THOMAS and LOUISIANA SKINNER who lived in shingle hill district of Muscogee CO.



Date: 6 Apr 1999

From: "Karan" Marie4361@colla.com

I saw your query on the Skinner Ass. and was wondering if you have any more information on John Skinner that married Ann Eliza Jane Brooks. I have a John W. Skinner that married a Louisa Brooks and he died in 1864 also. Please respond back if this is a link.

Thanks Karan

Subject: Skinner--Phiffer-Pritchett-Eads--Isaac--Hook--Roach--Kirby

Date: 10 Mar 1999

From: SPritch209@aol.com


Hi everyone surely there are cousins out there that will connect with one or more of my ancestors. I am looking for all comers that can lead to my family members. I will share as well as receive information on all members.

My primary interest are all but mostly Skinners and Pritchetts, But I will only talk about the Skinner's in this forum. Let us start with my ggggrandfather.

Lorenzo D. Skinner b. 1813 Va. m. Delilia Phifer Nov. 24, 1835 Mechlenberg Co... NC.

Henry Skinner b. 1836

Jeremiah Skinner b. 1838 NC.

Sariah Skinner b. 1840

Anna Catherine Skinner b. 1848 m Caswell Wheller Nov. 10, 1864 Blount co. Tenn.

James Skinner b. 1850

Rebecca Skinner b. 1852

Jeremiah Skinner m. Adline Kirby Sept. 15, 1859.

Lizzie Skinner b.

Ordy Skinner

Manuel Lorenza Skinner b. June 9, 1862

William H. Skinner, b. March 14 1866 m.{1} Sarah Martha Polly, {2} Ellia C.

Charles M. Skinner b. Feb. 16, 1870 m T. Heresa Myrtle Hook

Edwin Skinner B. March 16, 1872, Memphis Tenn.

Nathanial Cassaway Skinner, b. Oct. 9 1879 m. Eva May Stout

Austie Emily Skinner b. Sept. 1 1885

Manuel Lorenza Skinner m. Florence Roach Feb. 27, 1887

Bertie Lorenda Skinner b. Jan. 3, 1888

Joe Skinner b. Sept. 10, 1889

Edna Clementine Skinner b Jan. 22, 1891

Alta Thurman {Mike} Skinner Nov. 9 1892

Lura Monroe Skinner b. Dec. 5, 1895

Addie Elizabeth Skinner b. March 5, 1899

Ressie Marle Skinner b. Nov. 26, 1900 no children

Ora Viola Skinner b. Nov. 8 1904 no children

Lura Skinner m Fannie Isaac

Helen Skinner Pritchett

Steve A. Pritchett

Please contact me SPritch209@aol.com Steve A. Pritchett

Subject: Query Response

Date: 26 Feb 2000

From: bstk@brightok.net

Hi, I hope you are still doing this. The message was posted some time ago. I have found a few names that correspond with yours and was hoping you could tell me more. Here is what I have. Some of my info may be wrong. My sources did not know very much.

William Henry Skinner (1866-1931) m. Sarah Martha Polly (1862-1918). They had 2 sons Leonard ? (I heard a team of horses ran over him when he was very young) & Charles Walter Skinner - my great-great-grandfather. Born 01-15-1889 died 09-09-1961. He married Cynthia Ann Whipkey on 11-20-1912. They had 4 children Willie M. Skinner 12-25-1913 to 5-11-36 he was a very big man. Faye Marie Skinner 06-07-1918 to 07-27-1918. James Walter Skinner 09-18-1919 to 10-06-1991& Bessie Bell Skinner (my great grandmother) 03-14-1916 to 12-31-1991. I can bring the rest of the line down for you if you want. I am interested in knowing who William Henry's parents and grandparents are along w/siblings. He may have had a brother named Ed. I also have that he married Celia C. (probably your Ellia C.)

Charles Skinner his wife and children are all buried in Flynn Cemetery in Lincoln Cty? maybe Payne Cty. Oklahoma. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Also include your link to William Henry. My grandfather will be very interested to know that he has family out there.


Stephanie Kelly


Date: 9 Mar 1999

From: JObrien993@aol.com



Date: 31 Oct 1999

From: "Sherry Senseney" ssensen1@tampabay.rr.com

Do you happen to know who Adderton Skinner's parents were? Also, do you happen to have any info re: William Skinner who came to Maryland in 1729 aboard "Merry Jacks" from London? Sherry

Subject: Israel H. Skinner

Date: 7 Mar 1999

From: "Art & Ingrid Skinner" skinner@busynet.net

Israel H. Skinner

Searching for the parents of Reuben Skinner b. 1801 and Israel H. Skinner b. 1809. Both were born in New Jersey, moved to Ohio and later moved and stayed in Sandwich, Illinois. Have no information on parents. Suspect that Parents might be Reuben Skinner and Mary Ketchum Skinner both in 1784. Any confirmations?

Subject: Jesse Skinner

Date: 4 Mar 1999

From: JWIFE59918@aol.com


Looking for information on Jesse Skinner. All I know about him is he married Martha Lee inn 1801. Martha Lee born January 28, 1779 NY? died April 16, 1854. The daughter of Philemon(Phileomon) Lee and Priscilla Sprague. I beleive Jesse and Martha live in Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY. for it seems that is where her sisters lived after they were married.

Other surnames Sprague, Scott, Mudge, Billings, Townsend.

Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.

S. Lee


Subject: Israel H. 1809 and Reuben 1801 Skinner

Date: 4 Mar 1999

From: "Art & Ingrid Skinner" skinner@busynet.net

Israel H. 1809 and Reuben 1801 Skinner

Searching for the parents of Israel and Reuben Skinner from New Jersey, Then Pennsylvania and in the 1840's from Sandwich, Illinois. Their siblings include Eliza Skinner Fox 1798, John Skinner 1806, Cornelius, Mary, Jesse and a female. I have come to a dead end as far as the name of their parents. Are they Reuben 1784 and Mary Ketchum???

Any answers??? Send me an e-mail... skinner@busynet.net


Date: 31 Oct 1999

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net

I don't know if this agrees with your sources but what I have on Ruben shows this:

Ruben b.1736, Woodbridge, NJ-d. 4/21/1814 Turkeyfoot Twnshp PA

m. 1756 to Sarah Higgins and they had the following:

1. Rev. Nathaniel b7/1/1766 Somerset County PA d. 11/14-24/1820 Bealsville OH Belmont County m.1785 Elizabeth Harned

2.Mary Skinner 1761-1826 m. David Rush

3. Nancy Ann Skinner 1773-1867 m. Thomas King

4. Ruben Jr. 1763-

5. Rev. James 1769-1840 m. 1. Mary 2. Eve

6. Joseph 1771-1789

7. Hannah 1795

8. Phoebe m. Samuel Hull

9. Richard b. 1775

10. Ruben (no date listed in my info)

Hope this helps you. I have other info if you would like.

Subject: Response Response

Date: 21 Feb 2000

From: Linda J Adams laja15@juno.com

I am just getting started with researching my Skinner roots. My g-grandmother was Florenda Skinner (Shreve) b C1860 in NJ. Her father was Richard Shreve, also from NJ (died in Glassboro)--he was decommisioned from the NJ US Christian Commision in July, 1865. Other children of Richard's were Mary, Ida, William Henry, Fanny, & Ella.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Subject: Reuben Skinner b. 1784 and Mary Ketchum b. 1784 PA

Date: 4 Mar 1999

From: "Art & Ingrid Skinner" skinner@busynet.net

Reuben Skinner b. 1784 and Mary Ketchum b. 1784 PA

Does anyone know who their children are? Reuben is a direct descendant of Richard Skinner 1640 England and Richard II 1664/1669 Woodbridge NJ

Please help.

Subject: Skinner family of Central Missouri

Date: 03 Mar 1999

From: Mike Skinner baa399@saturn.angelo.edu

My name is Michael Skinner. My father is Carl Skinner, son of Goldie and Ethel Skinner of Moberly Missouri in Randolph county. I am searching for a family tree prior to my grandfathers birth. It is believed he was born in the area that my father grew up in. If anyone has information concerning the Skinner family of Central Missouri, I would love some help. There is a rumor that my great grandfather immigrated from Scotland and changed his name to his boss' name in Kentucky. Please help me at



Subject: Query Response / Skinner Family tree-england to kansas

Date: 22 May 2000

From: "geoffcox" geoffcox1@freezone.co.uk

Dear Mike got your info off the skinner web page, I am researching my great,great Uncle who we know Emigrated to Kansas in the late 19th century I have a copy of the 1910 census for wyandotte county which lists Edward and Sarah Skinner And their grandson? john joseph skinner It lists Edward as a pest house keeper (old name for hospital apparently! ) He was one of seven children I think Some or nearly all were born in Lympstone, near Exmouth,or Exmouth itself. Devon England. My fourth cousin Lives in Exeter, but his mother still lives in Exmouth as do my parents and grandmother . we were all born around the Exmouth area my cousins grandfather was the youngest child . nearly All Exmouth skinners are related in someway. my Great, great grandmother was Alice susan skinner or Susan Alice skinner (I will check with Mum and gran (grans 89yrs old) she was a sister to Edward Alfred Skinner He was born on Dec 25th 1856. Perhaps You have info that my sister and I can cross reference and fill in some gaps from this end of the world!!! feel free to contact me at thise-mail address or snail-mail me address as follows Jane S.COX ,12 Retreat Rd, Topsham , Devon.EX3OLF, England. look forward to hearing from you Jane,

Subject: Thomas Skinner b. 1811 in GA

Date: 23 Feb 1999

From: NaiThom@aol.com

I am researching this line of Skinners and am especially looking for the parents of Thomas Skinner.

Descendants of Thomas Skinner

1 Thomas Skinner b: 1811 in GA

.... +Penelope Duke b: in GA m: Dec 02, 1832 in Harris Co., GA d: Aft. 1849

....... 2 Lewis Skinner b: 1835

....... 2 Irene Jane Skinner b: 1837

....... 2 Madelin Eliza Skinner b: 1839

....... 2 Thomas Skinner b: 1840 in AL d: 1882 in Sebastian Co., AR

........... +Louisa Oliver b: 1855 in TN

....... 2 John David Skinner b: March 10, 1845 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL d: July 20, 1926 in Hackett, Sebastian Co., AR

........... +Saylor Hespa Albertin "Sarie" Hardin b: July 29, 1852 in Meriweather, Meriweather Co., GA m: Nov 08, 1866 in Tallapoosa Co., AL d: Feb 18, 1945 in Stigler, Haskall Co., OK

............... 3 Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Skinner b: May 19, 1868 in TX d: Dec 12, 1881

............... 3 Thomas Lorenzo Skinner b: May 21, 1870 in Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR d: Oct 07, 1949 in La Junta, Otero Co., CO

................... +Eliza Jane Wilkerson b: May 17, 1874 in Sebastian Co., AR m: Nov 18, 1894 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Oct 28, 1952 in La Junta, Otero Co., CO

............... 3 John David Skinner b: May 19, 1872 in Sebastian Co., AR d: April 08, 1953

................... +Julie Taylor Gordon b: Sept 14, 1888 d: Aug 17, 1918

............... *2nd Wife of John David Skinner:

................... +Josephine Belle Hester b: Nov 25, 1879 in GA m: Jan 30, 1896 d: Jan 04, 1913

............... 3 Allen Sophet Skinner b: June 01, 1874 in Sebastian Co., AR d: April 20, 1949

................... +Olivia Hester b: Feb 15, 1878 in AL m: 1898 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Jan 15, 1961

............... 3 Lonny B Skinner b: Sept 25, 1876 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Dec 16, 1942 in Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., AR

................... +Sarah Loretta Thayer b: July 1879 in AR m: 1899 d: 1929

............... 3 Rufers Dowd Skinner b: July 27, 1878 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Aug 01, 1956

................... +Minta Steelman b: 1884 in AR m: Dec 06, 1903 in AR

............... 3 Mattie Lou Skinner b: Dec 19, 1880 in Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR d: Feb 19, 1955 in Del City, Oklahoma Co., OK

................... +Samuel Virgil King b: Jan 01, 1873 in Rockford, Coosa Co., AL m: Dec 24, 1899 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Jan 10, 1946 in Stigler, Haskall Co., OK

............... 3 Willis Doss Skinner b: March 21, 1883 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Oct 18, 1969

................... +Minnie Griffin b: Sept 19, 1883 in AR m: 1902 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Feb 07, 1983

............... 3 Gusten Olen "Olen" Skinner b: July 25, 1885 in Sebastian, AR d: May 26, 1951

................... +Mamie Mcguire m: January 25, 1913

............... 3 Oslee Skinner b: Oct 10, 1887 in Sebastian, AR d: Feb 01, 1958

................... +Maline Lueteghan m: March 09, 1928

............... 3 Cordealy Skinner b: Jan 15, 1890 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Dec 15, 1925

................... +Walter Mcintire b: Aug 04, 1884 in MO m: Jan 17, 1906 in Sebastian Co., AR d: March 17, 1958 in Turkey Oak, MO

............... 3 Minnie Sarah Skinner b: July 14, 1892 in Sebastian, AR d: March 25, 1977

................... +Charles Elmer Izell b: March 02, 1889 d: July 18, 1936

............... 3 Edgar L Skinner b: Mar 19, 1895 in Sebastian, AR d: June 01, 1943

................... +Lillian Gertrude Mcguire b: Nov 10, 1897 d: Nov 21, 1975

....... 2 Caroline "Carrie" Skinner b: 1849 in AL d: 1886 in Sebastian Co. AR

........... +Leonidas Marion DeLoach b: 1849 in AL m: 1868 d: 1884 in AL

............... 3 Ida Eliza DeLoach b: 1869

*2nd Wife of Thomas Skinner:

.... +Sarah J. b: 1837 in AL m: Bef. 1852

....... 2 James M. Skinner b: 1852

....... 2 Oliver Skinner b: 1854

....... 2 Willis Skinner b: 1857

....... 2 Mary Skinner b: 1860

Some of the children's names sound Scandinavian - is that possible?


Subject: Nancy Skinner m William L. Waters

Date: 17 Feb 1999

From: Juanita Waters jwaters@cwo.com

Looking for descendants of Nancy Skinner who married William L. Waters in Aug. 1873 in Rankin Co., Ms.. I do not know her parents/siblings names.

Juanita Waters

Subject: Silas Skinner b. Jun 1863 in IN

Date: 17 Feb 1999

From: Marla Timmons ABBYSPANO@aol.com

I am researching a Skinner family that may have been in Indiana in the 1860s, moved to Iowa and then south to Missouri (Clark County and Macon County). I have a Silas Skinner b. Jun 1863 in IN according to the 1900 Clark County Mo census. His parents were born in Ohio (father) and VA (mother). He is listed with his wife, Rosa b. Nov 1868 and sister in law Dollie Kildoo. Dollie and Rosa were born in IA and parents were born in KY (father) and Pennsylvania (mother). Dollie (or Dolla) Kildoo b. Nov 1885 married Marlin Skinner (his nickname was Poppy) b. 1886 and was born in MO according to the 1910 Clark County census. Marlin had a twin brother named Starlin.

Silas may be an older brother or cousin to Marlin Skinner. Marlin and Dollie moved to Idaho in 1915, where she died a couple of weeks later. They had one daughter, Opal b. 1907. Marlin then moved back to MO and subsequently remarried.

This has been a real dead end for me. I havent been able to connect them to any other Skinner families. Any help is very much appreciated.

Please respond via email to Marla Timmons at abbyspano@aol.com

Subject: Response

Date: 03 Mar 1999

From: Mike Skinner baa399@saturn.angelo.edu

Okay... I think I might have some information for you. My grandfather was Ethel Skinner. He married Goldie Klingsmith and they had 13 children. They lived in the Clark and Moberly area in Randolph county MO for a majority of their lives. I'm not sure where grandfather was born, but my mother says it was somewhere in that area. At any rate, according to family rumor, Ethel's father immigrated from Scotland to Kentucky where he changed his name to Skinner. It was believed he changed his name to his Boss' name, however, one Aunt of mine says he was a mule skinner in the coal mines and that is why he changed his name to Skinner. If this rumor is indeed a fact, as I believe it to be (I can't connect myself to any other skinner's) then this could be why you cannot find your family... If you know anything about any Skinner's in the Central MO are, please contact me at this e-mail address

Michael Skinner

Subject: Query Response

Date: 28 Mar 2000

From: "Cyn Lyn" Cyn_Lyn@hotmail.com

Hi I found your email address on Skinner family board. I have tried to reach you in the past. I am looking for info on my Skinner family from Moberly MO. My Great Grandfather was James R Skinner and his parents were Marion Taylor Skinner and Amanda Belle Hardister. Please come check out my website and let me know if you recognize any of these families.

Cyn Lyn


my message board


Subject: John Skinner xb. 1792 in Georgia

Date: 16 Feb 1999

From: "Beverly and Gary Skinner" sitzy@metrolink.net

I am searching for information on the John Skinner family. He was born abt. 1792 in Georgia and married a woman named Ellen. They

had the children William, Nancy, John Nathan, Willis, James, Mathew and Martha. They lived in Georgia and Alabama.

Subject: Georgianna "Anna" SKINNER born abt 1843 in Kansas

Date: 16 Feb 1999

From: "Edw H SMITH" EHSMITH@worldnet.att.net

Looking for information on Georgianna "Anna" SKINNER born abt 1843 in Kansas. d Feb 1889 in Haviland, Kansas. Her father was

Thomas SKINNER and the mother was Clara (Unknown). Georgianna was married to William Irving STUBBS in 1877. Any information on either Georgianna or her father Thomas would be appreciated.

Ed Smith

Subject: More information

Date: 24 Feb 1999

From: "Edw H SMITH" EHSMITH@worldnet.att.net

I Believe that I have uncovered more information. According to the 1860 US Census for Village Twp, Van Buren County, Iowa Georgianna was born in Iowa abt 1856. Her father was Thomas G. SKINNER b. Abt 1815 (A shoemaker). His wife was Sarah and not Clara as I had previously thought.

Subject: Nathaniel Jeremiah Skinner, of Newark and Hoboken, N.J.

Date: 15 Feb 1999

From: Mountybob@aol.com

My name is Robert Paul Skinner, of New Jersey. My father is Alvah William Skinner, I have an older brother and sister, Janet and Wayne, and have a twin brother, Richard. IMy grandfather was Nathaniel Jeremiah Skinner, of Newark and Hoboken, N.J. He married Violet Lindabury and worked for Pennsylvania R.R. as a travelling auditor. There was talk that he had a column in the Newark Star Eagle "Pick your bright spot tonite", and was a member of Newark, N.J. Fire Dept during the thirties.

My uncle was the late Nathaniel Jeremiah Skinner. I have another uncle named Harold Stanton Lamson, and another aunt Catherine Skinner, who may have been half-siblings of my father. Any info on linking my family to yours, or if you remember any of them would be appreciated.


Date: 10 Feb 1999

From: Jmjcmink@aol.com

WILLIAM BENJAMIN SKINNER - Looking for info on William Benjamin Skinner 1845-1905, married to Maria (pronounced Mariah) Sheldon/Skeldon 1847-1906. They came to Philadelphia from Dorshire (sp?) England. William and Maria had the following children: Thomas 1877-1950, Francis 1887-1977, Eliza and Alfred 1879-1903. William had a cut glass business.


Date: 8 Feb 1999

From: "Cheree Morozoff" cmoroz@micropluscc.com


Looking for information on Elspeth Skinner who married Joseph Finnie in Scotland (date unknown but probably around 1870's). I know of one son (my gggrandfather) Alexander Finnie b. 1873 or 1871 (this has just come under dispute). Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: Walter Skinner

Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999

From: "Skinner, Bill" bills@txn.com

Looking for information Walter Skinner lived on the Iron Mountain Ranch in West Texas Born on Sep 25 1895, Died Dec. 1982. I can give information on many that followed but would like some background if Avail.


William Terry Skinner II


Date: 26 Feb 1999

From: Rebekah Gray rgray@gw.uscs.edu


Re your post about Walter Skinner. I have a Walter Skinner, no dates, who was the son of Robert (1862-1937) and Addie Underwood Skinner. Brothers/sisters were: Spartie, Benton, Hettie, and Roy. Disregard if you have already found yours, or don't find a match.

Becky Gray

Subject: Skinner's from Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999

From: Pete Skinner djskinner@bc.sympatico.ca

Skinner's from Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

My father was Don Skinner - Born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

His father was Allen Skinner - Born in Belleville as well. Allen Skinner owned a barber shop in Belleville most of his life.

We have no history beyond Allen. I am looking for any help.

Subject: NATHANIEL SKINNER born 1826

Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999

From: Tom Whited wvbigt@citynet.net


I'm searching for the ancestors of Nathaniel Skinner. I have the following information which was obtained from "Jackson County West Virginia Past and Present 1990" as told by Capt. E. Clare Carpenter:

NATHANIEL SKINNER was born August 1826 in Monroe County, Ohio. On March 15, 1849 he married SARAH ANN WILGUS; born August 13, 1822 at Marietta, Ohio. They lived in Washington County, Ohio, and were the parents of: LOTT SKINNER, JAMES SKINNER, PERMILIA SKINNER, THOMAS SKINNER, MALOTHY SKINNER, ELSWORTH SKINNER, OLIVE SKINNER and MARY SKINNER. The house they lived in is still standing near where State Route 26 crosses Duck Creek. There sure were big catfish in Duck Creek then according to tales Grandpa told me. In the late 1870's the family moved to the Ravenswood District of Jackson County, West Virginia. Sarah Ann died March 3, 1890 and is buried at McGee Chapel near Sandyville. On February 11, 1890 Nathaniel married NANCY ADAMS. They were the parents of BESSIE SKINNER, born January 1, 1894. On December 4, 1902 he married Emily Chapman. He lived on Cherry Camp and is listed for taxes until 1906.

THOMAS JEFFERSON SKINNER was born 1856, Marietta, Ohio, died 1934 at Gay, West Virginia. On March 2, 1876 he married MINERVA JANE STANLEY, born March 20, 1853, died December 19, 1937.

Thanks for any help,

Tom Whited


Subject: Barbados Skinners

Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999

From: "Deborah L. Carlisle" soils@a-znet.com

Barbados Skinners - I am searching for my great great grandfather, Allen O'Neal Skinner who was born in Speightstown, Barbados in 1869. Long story but have found nothing for his or his family's whereabouts after Allen's last sibling was born in 1874 (at least I believe that to be the last sibling). His parents were Isaac Waldron(Walrond)Skinner and Eleanor Jane O'Neal. Family ties are from England and everyone may have returned there. Please let me know if you know of any info that may help to locate the above.Siblings were (all Skinner) Frank Leslie, Elise Goding, Marie Emilie Louise, ,Annie Walrond and Herbert Seymour.(First and middle names)

Thank you. Deborah L. Carlisle


Subject: Joshua Skinner (b. NC, 1801), married Cordelia Carter

Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999

From: "Darwin D. Davis" dddavis@viptx.net

I'm Darwin D. Davis, of Victoria, TX, looking for data on my Skinner ancestors who were b. in NC about 1801, resided and married in Butler Co. OH, and emigrated to southern IL in the 1850's. Specifically, I have Joshua Skinner (b. NC, 1801), married Cordelia Carter (b. 1811, OH), resided in Butler Co. OH in 1850. Cordelia and children (John B., b. 1835, Miles Dixon, b. 1837, Albert C., b. 1846, and 5 sisters) moved to Randolph Co., IL in the early 1850's. Joshua may have died in OH or very soon in IL. The family later moved to Marion Co. IL. Son Albert married Martha B. Telford and had sons John and Melvin and 8 sisters in Marion Co., IL...these are my ancestors. I'm looking for any info on these people, esp. their forebearers.


Date: 24 Feb 1999

From: "Lawrence K. Bentley" bentley@troi.csw.net

I am researching Joshua Hopkins Skinner (b. 1912 in Prince Georges, MD), son of Joshua John Skinner, son of Joshua Skinner. Any information on this line would be greatly appreciated. I believe we may be looking for the same people.

Subject: Kate Skinner, born 04/04/1892 in Carlisle Eng

Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999

From: Karla Dahl dahlhouse@sk.sympatico.ca

My paternal grandmother was Kate Skinner, born 04/04/1892 in Carlisle Eng to Thomas and Francis (nee Park). She married Cornelius Clarke 11/5/17 and they emigrated to Canada after WW1. I would like any info pertaining to our branch of the Skinner family tree.

My name is Karla Dahl and my e-mail is karlamarie9@hotmail.com

I look forward to any and all contacts.

Subject: John Skinner b. Georgia abt. 1792

Date: 27 Sep 1999

From: "Beverly and Gary Skinner" sitzy@metrolink.net

Looking for information on John Skinner b. Georgia abt. 1792, wives name was Ellen ?. Was in Ga., Al. descendants were in upper west Florida also

Subject: Skinner family from Kentucky and Indiana

Date: 26 Sep 1999

From: Linda L Daffron ldaffron1@juno.com

Skinner family from Kentucky and Indiana

I am looking for any information on Nellie Skinner who married Michael Daffron (Daffern) in Nelson County, Kentucky in 1818. Her brother is Elijah Skinner who later went to Greene County, Indiana. Her mother, Elizabeth, had married a second time to Charles McMannus and they were witness to the marriage. Michael and Nellie were in Dubois county, Indiana in 1820. In 1826 Michael was witness to the marriage of his sister in Jefferson county, Kentucky. After that, nothing. Trying to locate where they went after 1826. Also Giles Daffron married Nancy Skinner in Greene county, Indiana and they later moved to Knox county, Indiana. any information about this family would be greatly appreciated.

Linda Daffron


Subject: James Allen Skinner-b March 16, 1833 in Kentucky

Date: 25 Sep 1999

From: GSellmeyer@aol.com

Looking for the parents of James Allen Skinner-born March 16, 1833 in Kentucky. Died Sept. 7, 1924-Saline Co., Mo. Married Mary Sarah Rebecca Downey on Feb. 2, 1860 in Howard Co., Mo. Mostly lived in Howard Co., Mo. James and Mary were the parents of these children: John, Francis, James, Cosmos, Theopilas, Baucamp, Orren and Rebecca. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: New Jersey Skinner Origins

Date: 18 Sep 1999

From: "wevo" wevo@gateway.net

Searching for New Jersey Skinner Origins

My Skinner ancestors arrived in Cumberland (now Franklin) County, PA, from New Jersey in 1782. A biography of a family member published in 1905 includes the following information: Fourth generation of this line in America. John Skinner, progenitor, arrived from England and first settled in New Jersey.

He had the following known children: Archie, Anna, William, George, Phebe, and "others who names can't be determined". His son William was born on 15 Nov 1757, and married Martha Duncan.They moved to Cumberland County in 1782, and their son Stephan was born there in 1783. In searching New Jersey Skinner records, I have targeted the Rev. William Skinner family of Middlesex County. The family names (John, William, Stephen) are correct. I would appreciate information on this and other possible families in the Garden State. Sincerely, Ed Wevodau wevo@gateway.net


Date: 31 Oct 1999

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net

I am a tenth generation descendent of Richard Skinner of Woodbridge New Jersey. He was a servant to the first Governor of NJ,

Philip Carteret. He married Susannah Poulain in May of 1666. Richard arrived on August 1, 1665 from the Isle of Jersey, but not

sure if he was born there or somewhere else. Am researching that now.


Subject: John Lewis Skinner

Date: 17 Sep 1999

From: "Alyne Brazier" abrazier@apex.net

I am looking for any information on John Lewis Skinner. I know that he had a son named George Allen Skinner b. 2/19/1923--d. 5/1970. I think they may have been from Missouri originally and later moved to Kentucky. George married Dorothy Wring and had two daughters. I am trying to find this information for my aunt so if you can help me please contact me by e-mail at abrazier@apex.net or at poppysgirl@excite.com . All replies are welcome.

Thank you.

Subject: Query Response

Date: 16 May 2000

From: Cindy Perkins Cindy@claedf.com

I am answering your query. My and Dorothy Wring married George Skinner and lived in Paducah, Ky. They had two daughters, Johnnie Belinda and Marissia. They both live in Paducah. My father is Leonard Wring and Dorothy was his sister, my aunt. She died a few months ago.

Subject: Skinner x Meeks

Date: 16 Sep 1999

From: "maxine meeks" melmac@schweg.com

Hi I am looking for information on skinner in decature co Indiana in 1840 t0 1860 a Rosanna who was 54 in 1850 married to William Meeks a rebeccaBurton married to Barnet skinner in 1832 a sarah Skinner married to Obediah Meeks 1846 in Decature co Ind. There was a William Skiner and Mella borned in Va in 1771 allso on 1850 cencus

any information apprected

Subject: Query Response

Date: 24 Oct 1999

From: "penny creason" psc54@netusa1.net

I am also looking for Skinner's in Indiana, Most of my family are around the Clinton County area. I am trying to find my great-grandparents John Skinner BORN:Feb..01,1855 in Scott County, KY. He married Rinda ? in 1879. If you or any one have info. about them please let me know. My grandfather was Samuel E.Skinner Born March 27,1884 Death Oct 3,1969 He was Married to Linda (Harter) born Apr 3, 1882 Death May 21,1951 Both are buried in Clinton County. Thanks

I also have from the Clinton County Library the following Skinner's but Don't know how they match up with my family. They might be some of the ones you asked about.

William Skinner Born Feb. 11, 1774 Death May 26,1856

Wife: Milly----- Skinner Born March 20,1775 Death March 26, 1866


Rosanna Skinner Meeks

Barnet Married Rebecca Burton OCT. 5,1832

George Married Sally Burton Sept,23,1834

Elizabeth Skinner Taylor

John (might me some of my family not sure how he connects yet)

Sally Skinner Marshall

Catharine Skinner Boyles

Nancy Married Alexander Pierce March 2, ?

Lucinda Married Lyman Thompson March 7,183? (some of my copies were cut off

so I put question marks in those areas)

Mary Married James Hill Nov. 18, 1838

William Married Nancy Northcutt Oct 5, 1831

I don't know if any of these are the ones you need but I hope I have helped a little.

I didn't realize when I started their were so many Skinner's .

Penny in Indiana

Subject: William Benjamin Skinner

Date: 11 Sep 1999

From: Jmjcmink@aol.com

Looking for information on my gg grandfather, William Benjamin Skinner (b. abt 1845 in England). He was married to Mariah Sheldon/Skeldon. William was a cut glass artisan who came to American in about 1863.

William settled in New Bedford, MA and later settled in Souther New Jersey where he started Skinner's Cut Glass Factory in Hammonton, NJ.

William and Maria had the following children: Thomas (b.1877) m. Mary Cook, Frances, Eliza, Alfred, and Elizabeth.

Need to know info on William Benjamin Skinner's parents.


Subject: Pritchett / Skinner Family Web Site

Date: 8 Sep 1999

From: SPritch209@aol.com

Hi everyone:

I have been working hard on my web page/site and would like to have everyone take a look and see if you can match up with any one of my Skinner relations. I am looking for several cousins to fill in the blanks.


Please let me know if you find someone to connect to you families.

God Bless


Subject: QR 08 Sep 99

Date: 5 Oct 1999

From: "Eileen Messina" leedon@maxinter.net


I found your web site, and you did a great job and put a lot of work into research.

I was adopted, so I didn't grow up knowing my bio. family. In the 1960's I found my mother and in 1976, I found my father.

My father's name was Clarence TITLOW, his father was Isaac and his mother was Georgia TIPTON.

Georgia's parents were Nathaniel TIPTON and Rebecca SKINNER.

I have Nathaniel's info. but not Rebecca's.

She died in the 1920's, but no parents are listed on her death certificate.

She last lived in Loudon Co., so I have been told. Also they lived in surounding Counties[Knox,Blount etc]

Does any of this sound like your Rebecca, dau.of Lorenzo and Delilia? I hope so.

Thanks for your time,


Subject: Ardessee / Andessee SKINNER / CRIPPEN (b. July 1835, PA)

Date: 27 Aug 1999

From: Elnore PARIS, Coldwater, MI

From 5 June 1900 Federal Census, Pasadena Township, Los Angeles, CA 5 Precinct, Supr Dist No. 6, Enum Dist No. 117, Sheet No. 3, (3144 or 5144? B) Howard Street, No of family 60, she is shown as wife of Myron A. CRIPPEN, (age 65) also shown with Hawley O. Crippen, Grandson (age 10).

The CRIPPEN family was very prominent in Branch County, MI, in 1835 thru 1900's. Myron and Ardessee were the parents of "The Mild Murderer" who killed his wife in London, England and was hanged in London for the crime. The murderer was Hawley Harvey Crippen, (1862-1910). There have been many books, plays, music, etc. written about Hawley, and his image is in the wax museum in London.

In one book, written by Tom Cullen, it is stated that Myron Crippen married a local girl Andresse Skinner, which I have been unable to find proof, and have searched diligently. The Branch County Early Marriages (1833-1875 and 1876-1887) have been published here.

In the local newspaper, The Courier, dated Nov. 21, 1910, pg 1, it states that Myron A. Crippen died Nov. 18th, in Los Angeles, CA caused by privations and worry over his son's fate AND that his wife died several years since.

I would appreciate an obit on both Myron & Ardessee, info on where they are buried in the Los Angeles area. Mostly I would like information about Ardessee's family, where born, father & mother, any siblings, etc. from that area, or in Pennsylvania.

Subject: Robert Skinner, brother of James Skinner of Skinner's Horse fame in India

Date: 27 Aug 1999

From: Rebecca Ridges rridges@metz.une.edu.au


I'm looking for any information on Robert Skinner, brother of James Skinner of Skinner's Horse fame in India.

We know Robert killed himself and his wife but he supposedly had a son, Thomas Skinner (or Jeremiah Thomas) who died in 1826. This Thomas married a Sophia Watts at Arcot, Southern India in 1823 and they had a son, Thomas William Skinner in 1824.

Unfortunately most of this is just hearsay!

Any concrete information would be appreciated!

Rebecca Ridges


Subject: Allen Skinner b. 1869 in Speightstown, Barbados

Date: 26 Aug 1999

From: "carlisle" soils@a-znet.com

Skinner families in Barbados. Am searching for info re Allen Skinner b. 1869 in Speightstown, Barbados. I believe he was a merchant and possibly had a plantation on the island. May have relocated to Panama or England in the late 1800's or early 1900's.Would also like to know of any other Allen,Kenneth or Lionel Skinners born during the 1800's and early 1900's in Barbados .Please reply with any info you may have no matter how sketchy. Thank you.

Subject: Skinners are now spread far and wide around South Africa

Date: 25 Aug 1999

From: "piet" sorgsa@lantic.net

Hello there, all Skinners around the world. I am Pieter Retief Skinner from Pretoria, South Africa. Gather most info for your site is generated is the USA and I feel oblidged to let you know that our line goes way back in South Africa's history and particularly in the establishment of the city of Pretoria.

Our forefather, William (a barrister), was born in Canterbury, Kent, England in 1828 and came to what was still a very unsettled Southern Africa on a hunting expidition in the mid 1800's. Together with two French brothers, Duvereux (I think this was the spelling) they stumbled on part of what was called "the great trek", the famous team leader (called "boer") was a French/Dutch decendant named Pieter Retief who was murdered with one of his sons by the Zulu, a black tribe.

William married Retief's daughter Deborah and they settled in Pretoria. He worked as the first Landrost of Pretoria under Paul Kruger, the Boer leader and today Skinner Street is a landmark here and incidentally the widest street in Pretoria.

The Skinners are now spread far and wide around South Africa. Anyone interested in mailing me with comments or wanting to chat about our local clan may do so at sorgsa@lantic.net

To the SFA good luck, keep up the good work


Subject: JOHN SKINNER. Lived around 1810 to 1840 around cambridgeport and charlestown

Date: 24 Aug 1999

From: Heirlost@aol.com

Anyone related to a JOHN SKINNER. Lived around 1810 to 1840 around cambridgeport and charlestown. Large property owner on the cambridgeport waterfront.

Subject: Agnes Woods?

Date: 24 Aug 1999

From: steinwan@elkvalley.net (Olive Steinwandt)

I am in search of any descendants of AGNES SKINNER, (Woods). Her father would have been my grandfather PETER WOODS, and her mother would have been ELLEN ANGELINA ISBELL. Agnes may have been born on November 10 or 22, 1891. I have two different facts about Agnes' marriage, she married a CHINN, and had two girls,HELEN and MARGUERITE, or she married a SKINNER, and had a son PETER. I believe that Ellen married again to a FRED MITCHELL.

I would appreciate any info that you can send me. Thanks for your time.

olive steinwan@elkvalley.net

Subject: Green Berry Skinner of Randolph County, Missouri

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999

From: AWCFlash@aol.com

Green Berry Skinner of Randolph County, Missouri was my great grandfather. He was born April 29, 1843 in Sugar Creek Township, Randolph County, Missouri. He served in the Missouri Militia during the Civil War. He married Nancy Catherine Wagaman January 25, 1865 in Carroll County, MO. Green Berry Skinner died in Cairo, Missouri on September 8, 1924.

There children were:

Ada Skinner, b. May 21, 1872 in Randolph County, MO (my grandmother)

m. David Franklin Condon March 23, 1904 in Macon Co, MO

Oather Abraham Skinner, b. December 26, 1867 in Macon County, MO

m. Clelia Down Rogers January 31, 1900

Thomas F. Skinner, b. April 19, 1868

m. Cora Elsa ??

Mollie Belle Skinner, b. February 19, 1870

Lula Fances Skinner, b. August 27, 1874 in Randolph Co., MO

m. Henry Thomas Capp April 4, 1906 in Carroll Co., MO

Sarah Skinner, b. October 13, 1876 in Carroll Co., MO

m. Alfred Capp (brother of Henry Thomas) in 1904

Bessie Skinner, b. November 3, 1884 in Carroll Co., MO

m. Irvy Ray September 12, 1905 in Carroll Co., MO

I don't have any other information on the Missouri Skinners, where they originated, what they did, etc. If any of these names ring a bell or fit your family tree, please let me know.

Austin Condon, Colorado

Subject: Query Response

Date: 28 Mar 2000

From: "Cyn Lyn" Cyn_Lyn@hotmail.com

Hi I found your email address on Skinner family board. I have tried to reach you in the past. I am looking for info on my Skinner family from Moberly MO. My Great Grandfather was James R Skinner and his parents were Marion Taylor Skinner and Amanda Belle Hardister. Please come check out my website and let me know if you recognize any of these families. If you would leave the info you have on the MO Skinner family on my message board that would be great!

Cyn Lyn


my message board


Subject: Sarah Murphy Nixon

Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999

From: Bevu bevu@teleport.com

Would like to share Nixon information, looking for mother of David Murphy Nixon b 1850's in Indiana. Could this Sarah be related???

Thank you

Bev Underwood

Subject: Amy Skinner and Samuel D. Rush

Date: 02 Aug 1999

From: farrar scribee@yahoo.com

Does anyone have information about the children and grandchildren of Amy Skinner (b. 1786 d. 1851) and Samuel D. Rush (b. 1782)? According to unverified family information: their daughter Amy F. Rush married James R. Roffey about 1860; Amy Rush and James Roffey's daughter, Minnie Roffey, married William Henry Goddard in Cameron, Illinois about 1889. Would appreciate any help on this.

Please email me at scribee@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Subject: AMY SKINNER b 3/11/1786 m SAMUEL D. RUSH in 1819

Date: 26 Jul 1999

From: farrar farrar@gnv.fdt.net

Seeking information on AMY SKINNER b 3/11/1786 married SAMUEL D. RUSH in 1819. I believe Amy's parents were Nathaniel Skinner and Elizabeth Harned, who had a daughter Amy born on the same date. I am trying to confirm that Amy Skinner and Samuel D. Rush had a daughter named Amy F. Rush. Amy F. Rush married James R. Roffey in 1860. Their daughter, Minnie Roffey, married William Henry Goddard in 1889. Their daughter, Rose Irene Goddard, married Mitchell Watt Edwards. Rose and Mitchell's son, Mitchell Gene Edwards, is my husband. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I will be glad to share what information I have.

Please email me at scribee@yahoo.com.

Subject: Richard Skinner m Susanna Poulain descendant line

Date: 23 Jul 1999

From: NanNoble@aol.com

My line is: Richard Skinner m Susanna Poulain

Richard Skinner m Sarah Moore

Nathaniel Skinner Sr., (Rev.) m Elizabeth King

Samuel Skinner m Agnes Critchfield

Samuel Skinner m Mary Drake

John Skinner m Catherine Strait

Nathaniel Roswell Skinner m Elizabeth Croskey

Leroy G. Skinner m Lucinda Yanger

Howard Jefferson Skinner m Ethel Mae Hamilton

Leroy H. Skinner m Sadie C. Miller

Anyone have any information on any of these individuals. I have info. on Richard and Susanna, but nothing on the others. I'm very new at this and appreciate any help you can give me. I particularly need information about Lucinda Yanger.

Thanks, Nancy Skinner Noble

Subject: Skinner / Croskey

Date: 21 Dec 1999

From: "Merriam White" merriam@sprintmail.com

I am a Croskey researcher. I found your query for a Skinner/Croskey marriage from Jul 1999. Do you have any dates or places for your Skinner family. So far there are only two Croskey families that came over from Ireland.

If you could let me know a few more stats maybe we could figure out who your

Nathaniel Roswell Skinner was?


Merriam White


Subject: Query Response to Richard Skinner m Susanna Poulain descendant line

Date: 25 Oct 1999

From: "Craig Alexander Rothhammer" craigr@cnmnetwork.com

Hello Nan,

I am also working on the same line that you are, and my decendant, Robert Skinner (b. 1738), 3rd son of Nathaniel Skinner Sr., is one of the younger brothers of your Samuel Skinner (b. 1734).

My line is:

Richard Skinner (I) m. Susanna Poulain

Richard Skinner (II) m. Wright? (q. who is Sarah Moore?)

Nathaniel Skinner Sr. (Rev) m Elizabeth King

Robert Skinner m. Mary Willets

Willets Skinner m. Sarah Colburn

Jonathan Skinner m. Mary C. White

James Skinner (author of Sketches of Pioneer Life) m. Hannah Russell Haper

Eugen "Eugene" Alexander Rothhammer m. Mary "Mollie" Rebecca Skinner

And then the Rothhammer lineage from here on.

If anyone is following the link from James Skinner, Mollies' father, please drop me a line. I also am looking for information on Hannah Haper.

Nan, if you have any information to share as you come across it, I would be most grateful.


Craig Alexander Rothhammer

La Crescenta, CA


Subject: Alma Skinner born 1880 and Jessie Skinner born around that time

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999

From: Mygramba2@cs.com

I am looking for any information on my grandparents who migrated from england to the US and settled in Ms on the indian reservations one was a cherokee and one was a coctaw ..... They were Alma Skinner born 1880 and Jessie Skinner born around that time both were Skinners but from different tribes any information would be appreciated......

Subject: RESPONSE- Jesse/Alma SKINNER

Date: 16 Oct 1999

From: Melba durhamr@lightspeed.net

Hello, I have a Jesse Howard SKINNER born 1875 Neshoba Co, MS, son of William D SKINNR and Maggie PETTY...is said that he married Alma SKINNER. Jesse's father was not Indian however Maggie is said to be Cherokee although her name is not on the Rolls.


Subject: Lucinda Yanger, who was married to Leroy G. Skinner

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999

From: NanNoble@aol.com

Looking for any information about Lucinda Yanger, who was married to Leroy G. Skinner. Leroy was born in Ohio in 1847 and Lucinda was also born in Ohio abt. 1846. They had two sons that I know of, Nathaniel, born 1869 and my grandfather, Howard Jefferson Skinner born in 1878 in MO. I have the Skinner line back to Richard and Susanna Poulain, but cannot find any information about the Yanger line. I also need any details about Richard and Susanna and their son, also Richard. Any help, cousins? Nancy Skinner Noble

Subject: Query Response

Date: 1 Nov 1999

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net

I am a tenth generation descendant of Richard Skinner of Woodbridge NJ. I will tell you what I have on him and his son Richard

Jr. Richard Sr. arrived on August 1, 1665 at Elizabethtown NJ aboard the Philip. He departed from St Helier on the Channel

Island of Jersey but unlikely he was born there. He was a joiner by trade. His son Richard Jr. was born in 1664. Interesting, I

just noticed that his son was born before the marriage to Susannah Poulain which I have has May of 1666! Anyway Richard Jr

married Ann Wright, daughter of Robert Wright in 1690. He died on 5/12/1727 in Woodbridge, NJ. One of his sons, Nathaniel I

married Elizabeth King in 1735. Richard is also referred to as Deacon Richard Skinner but am unsure what denomination.

You also are seeking the children of Ruben Skinner. What I have shows a marriage to one Sara Higgins, granddaughter of Zerah

Higgins. The children and spouses are:

1. Mary Skinner and Jacob Rush

2. 2nd Rev. Nathaniel and Elizabeth Harned

3. Joseph Skinner

4. Rev. James Skinner and a. Elizabeth ? and b. Catharine McClung

5. Nancy Ann Skinner and Thomas King

6. Richard Skinner

7. Rueban Skinner Jr.

8. Samuel Skinner and Mary Drake

9. Phoebe Skinner and Samuel Hull

10. John Skinner and Mary Rush

If you would like the dates I will try to get them as soon as I can. Hope this helps

Paul Skinner

Subject: Patience SKINNER and Piety SKINNER, christened 1822 in Surrey, England

Date: 15 Jul 1999

From: Bronwyn Farber farbers5@earthlink.net

Searching for any information on Patience SKINNER and Piety SKINNER, both christened in 1822 in Surrey, England. Daughters of William SKINNER and Lucy LEDBETTER m. 1813 in Oxted, Surrey, England. Piety married John Morgan AMES and eventually emigrated to Australia. Would love to hear from anyone connected.

Subject: SKINNERS of BROMBOROUGH POOL, Merseyside (was Cheshire), UK

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999

From: EmCEl@aol.com

researching the SKINNERS of BROMBOROUGH POOL, Merseyside (was Cheshire), UK.

My grandfather was WALTER SKINNER m. Elizabeth Peers. They had 16 children,


THOMAS (1908)

WALTER (1910)

FRANK (1914 - 1934)


RUTH (1929 -1982)

Anyone else with information regarding this branch?

Graham (GLord@aol.com)

Subject: Emily Sarah Skinner

Date: 07 Jul 1999

From: Eric Nisbet enisbet@csolve.net

Emily Sarah Skinner

born Jul 18 1876 in England

died Jan 8 1954 in Toronto, Ontario Canada

buried in Ingersoll, Ontario Canada

parents: Thomas John Skinner and Emily Sarah Busby

siblings: Rose Skinner, Frank Skinner, Ettie Skiner

married John Nisbet in 1899

re-married later Henry Muir, date unknown

Additional, "sketchy" information on the Skinners I'm related to can be found at my web site:


I haven't been able to find additional information on Emily Sarah Skinner's family yet. My main focus has been on the Nisbet's at this point. But if you can help I look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Nisbet


Subject: Lorenzo D. Skinner m. Delilia Phifer

Date: 20 Jun 1999

From: SPritch209@aol.com

Hi Everyone:

I was not long, that I posted, but I am going to try something a little different this time. I tried send the exact same sometime ago but it got lost somehow. This time I am going through the time and struggle to list the complete line that I am part of. Starting with my ggggrandfather, and if you have any information on his parents or siblings it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact me. I will try and show the level of info that I have on each. If you have a connection would you Please contact me. I am looking for cousins.

Lorenzo D. Skinner b. 1813 in Virginia moved to North Carolina m. Delilia Phifer Nov. 24, 1835 in Mechlenburg County, NC. Her parents were Henry and Florence. Four of his children were born in NC and two when they moved west to Tennessee. In 1840 they could be found in Cocke County, Tenn. and in 1850 they are in Knox County. There Children and decedents are as follows.

HENRY SKINNER b. 1836 NC. [no info]

JEREMIAH [JAKE] SKINNER b. 1838 NC. m. Emily Adaline Kirby [my line lots of info]

SARIAH [SARAH] SKINNER b. 1840 NC. m. unknown [no info]

ANNA CATHERINE SKINNER b. 1847 NC. m. Casswell Wheeler Nov. 10 1864 [no info]

JAMES SKINNER b. 1850 Tenn. m. unknown [no info]

REBECCA SKINNER b. 1852 Tenn. m. unknown [no info]

JEREMIAH AND ADALINE m. Sept. 15 1859, Knoxville, Knox County, Tenn.

---LIZZIE SKINNER b. unknown m. unknown [no info]

---ORDY SKINNER b. unknown m. unknown [no info]

---MANUEL LORENZA SKINNER b. June 9, 1862, Tenn. m Florence Roach [my line lots of info]

---WILLIAM H. SKINNER b. 1866 m. unknown [no info]

---SARAH ELIZABETH SKINNER b. Jan. 1867 m. Thomas Reed July 25, 1889, [some info]

---CHARLES M. SKINNER b. Feb. 16 1870 m. Theresa Mytle Hook March 11, 1900 [some info]

---EDWIN D. SKINNER b. 1872 m [1] Rebecca Reed [2] Anna White Jan. 22, 1817 [3] Lizzie E. Vanderhoof Feb. 8, 1923 [lots of info]

---NATHANIAL CASSAWAY SKINNER b. 1879 m. unknown [no info]

---AUSTIE EMILY SKINNER b. 1885 m. unknown [no info]


------BERTIE LORENDA SKINNER b. 1888 m. Bert Polly [no info]

------JOE SKINNER b. 1889 m. Ethel Faye Harper [little info]

------EDAN SKINNER b. 1891 m. Ted Oliver [little info]

------ALTA THURMAN [MIKE] SKINNER b. Nov. 9 1893 m. Ruth Isabelle Mullinex Dec 27 1919 [lots of info]

------LURA MONROE SKINNER b. Dec. 5 1895 m. Fannie Isaac. [my line lots of info]

------ADDIE ELIZABETH SKINNER b. March 5, 1899, m. unknown [no info]

------RESSIE MARLE SKINNER b. Nov. 26 1900 m. Arley Sayer [no children]

------ORA VIOLA SKINNER b. Nov. 8 1908 m. Herbert Luke [no children]

LURA SKINNER AND FANNIE ISAAC. m. Jan. 3, 1917 my grandparents

-------------FREDA SKINNER b. Aug 30, 1917 m. Eugene Womack [no info]

-------------HELEN PEARL SKINNER b. July 8, 1920, m. William Cecil Pritchett my parents.

-------------WELDON SKINNER B. Dec. 7, 1922 m [1] Joy [2] Belle [3] Marie [some info]

-------------DORIS SKINNER b. July 26, 1925, m. Arron Archer [some info]

-------------FANNIE MARIE SKINNER b. July 12, 1827, m. Austin Bolerjack [some info]

-------------HERBERT TED SKINNER b. Dec 7, 1930 m. Opal Cates [some info]

-------------MARVIN SKINNER b. Aug 31 1933 m Terry [little info]

-------------LELA SKINNER b. July 16, 1936, m. John Harmer [some info]

-------------JIMMIE ALLEN SKINNER b. Nov 1 1938 m. Carolyn Cates [some info]


--------------------STEVE ALLEN PRITCHETT b. Feb. 11, 1940 Council Valley, Payne County [Cushing] Oklahoma. m. [1] Roberta Martin [2] Marcia Claypool [3] Phoebe Prescott. { me what do you want to know} I now live at 2090 Hill Way st. Medford Oregon 97504.

Thank you all and if there are any cousins out there, would you PLEASE contact me. Some of the other related names are Roach, Kirby, Hook, Eads, Isaac, Copeland, Redman, Phifer, and many others.

God Bless


Subject: William Jr. SKINNER

Date: 17 Jun 1999

From: Joyce Talley talley@accunet.net

Any researchers for this Skinner line?

5)SKINNER: Nancy P.- b 1840 Webster Co KY + Wm. Dilbeck Sr. >

4)Benjamin B. b 1805 Darlington Co SC + Susannah Dye both d, Webster Co KY >

3)Jesse b 1774-84 Dobbs Co NC + ? Alley >

2)Benjamin Sr b 1750 Lenoir Co NC, d after 1830 SC + Priscilla b abt 1755 - d 1816 Darlington Co SC >

1}William Jr. SKINNER.

Subject: Martha A.M. Skinner

Date: 16 Jun 1999

From: Melba Parker mrp@lcc.net

I am looking for information on Martha A.M. Skinner. She is listed on LDS familyresearch as a relative of Ashburn Davis, b.1801 in Benton Co. Tn. Ashburn Davis is my g-g-grandfather and would like to get more info on him. Thanks a million

Subject: John William Skinner, 1876-1877

Date: 12 Jun 1999

From: "MARGARET A. WHITE" MWHITE12@snet.net

I am looking for info on the family of John William Skinner, born in England, 1876-1877, married Charlotte Rudd, born 1884-85. Moved to the U.S. sometime prior to 1908. These were my grandparents. They worked on estates and farms in New York and Connecticut. Had three children, John Edward, Christopher William, and Doris Ella.

An addition to the query I posted above, re John William Skinner of England and his wife, Charlotte Rudd, also of England. The birthplace for John was Cumbridge Wells, and the birthplace for Charlotte was London.

Please let me know if anyone knows of this branch of the family.

Thank you.

Margaret White

Subject: Georgia Lanham Skinner who lived in Rome, Georgia

Date: 11 Jun 1999

From: Robvia@aol.com

Looking for Georgia Lanham Skinner who lived in Rome, Georgia in the late nineteenth century. Georgia was married to Oz (Ozwell) Skinner. Would appreciate any help that anyone can provide to our family.

J. Outlaw, North Carolina.

May contact me at www.OUTLAWSTWO@aol.com

Subject: Preston Ryland Skinner

Date: 6 Jun 1999

From: "walkerd" walkerd@gateway.net

My name is Bonnie Walker. I have a half brother, John Ryland Skinner. His father's name is Preston Ryland Skinner and his mother's name is Elizabeth Skinner.{my mother} John has a half sister, Dorothy Ann Skinner by his fathers first marriage.

Her mother's first name was Elsie and I am led to believe she was of German desent. Dorothy's mother died when she was a young child and she was raised by her grandmother, Elsie' mother. John and Dorothy's father died when he was two and a half and Dorothy was sixteen. This was the last time we saw Dorothy, and John would very much like to locate her. All we know is that she returned to Oklahoma where her grandmother lived. If you have any information that would help us we would love to hear from you. You may reach us at walkerd@gateway.net or write me at the below address. thank you for any information you might have.

Bonnie Walker

2807 Goolsby Ave.

Richmond, Virginia


Subject: Samuel Skinner line

Date: 4 Jun 1999

From: "JoAnn Tannery" freshappeal@texoma.net

Looking for the Samuel Skinner line.

Samuel was born in Northern Kentucky, died in Franklin County, AL.

Married Betsy Humble.

Third child was Wiley B.F. Skinner b. Jan 22, 1821, Davidson County,

Tennessee, near Nashville. Came to Texas in 1845 and died near Gainesville, TX.

First marriage of Wiley was to Lavina Langlin of Limestone County Texas.

Children of Wiley and Lavina:

Amantha I. Skinner

Sarah E. Skinner

Fannie Skinner

Thomas Andrew Skinner (my ancestor)

Wiley Skinner

Lavenia L. Skinner

Second marriage of Wiley B. F. was to Mary L. Dye of Kentucky.

Children of Wiley and Mary:

Casseltine Skinner

Greenville Dellet Skinner

Cannot locate Samuel Skinner or Betsy Humble or their ancestors. Any help will be appreciated.

JoAnn Skinner Tannery


Subject: Henry Skinner b. 1836 in North Carolina

Date: 30 May 1999

From: SPritch209@aol.com

Hi everyone

I am looking for Henry Skinner b. 1836 in North Carolina. Was first born of Lorenzo D. and E. Delilia Phifer m. Nov. 24 1835 North Carolina. Henry and his parents and three other siblings Jeremiah, Sariah, Anna Catherine, moved to Tennessee. In 1850 census in Cocke County, it shows Henry as 14, Jeremiah 12, and Sariah 10, Anna Catherine 2, they soon moved on to Knox County and there was born another brother James and a sister Rebecca. I have extensive information On his brother Jeremiah but none on this Uncle. Any info on this Skinner family would be appreciated. And of course I always share my information.

God Bless


Subject: Query Response

Date: 2 Jan 2000

From: "Julian Skinner" tjsrpserve@hotmail.com


My Great Grandfather was William Henry Skinner born, I think, about the time you are looking for. He was one of several children from the Carolina's whose parents passed away young and the siblings were split up among family members.

William Henry ended up in Athens, Alabama and married. He then moved to Jefferson County, Alabama. My Grandfather was Thomas Julian Skinner and he and William Henry are listed in the Skinner Family page. My father, Thomas Julian Skinner Jr. passed away last year. I am the III and my oldest son is the IV and my grandson is the V. We don't know anything about my family past William Henry. Maybe there is a connection with you. We have located a burial site with a Thomas Julian Skinner in Marengo County, Alabama, but we know of no connection with him. He lived from 1830+- to after the Civil War.

Let me know if you think this is a link for you.

Julian Skinner


Subject: Skinner family from Missouri

Date: 24 May 1999

From: "Cliff and Cindy James" CLJAMESX5@email.msn.com

Hi my name is Cindy (Skinner) James. I am looking for information on the Skinner family from Missouri. My Gr Grandfather was born 1893 in Randolph Mo. His parents were Marion Taylor Skinner and (Amanda) Belle Hardister. I have some info on family in that area.Would like anyone sharing intrest in this area to e-mail me so we can compare notes.

Thankyou! ~Cindy


Subject: Query Response

Date: 05 Nov 1999

From: Rudy Morris rgmorris@bentonrea.com

I have Skinner family from Missouri also. Silas Marion Skinner, born 3-8-1867 in Cross Timbers, Hickory, Missouri. He's my Great Grandfather. He migrated with his wife and children to Oregon in early 1900's. Have you ever come across his name?

Thank you,

Margee' Morris

Subject: Elizabeth Howard & James Truman Skinner

Date: 30 Dec 1999

From: "Leonard Byrd" lbyrd02@snet.net

HI Alanda.....This is Elise....I have been trying to reach you via the email address Aobrien@aol.com [ as well as your other one] all to no avail. I do not want to loose contact as we are researching the same Skinner line! The only information I have on Elizabeth Howard [thought to be Capt. Isaac's mother] is that she was born abt. 1726 and her husband was James Truman Skinner. Have you heard anything more about the name change from Lincoln to Skinner by the earliest ancestor Robert and wife Anne Storer?....Hope you are still out there in cyberspace and happy researching!...Elise lbyrd02@snet.net

Subject: Hester Ann Skinner

Date: 29 Dec 1999

From: Jan Stockman JanetCS@aol.com

Am looking for information for Hester Ann Skinner who married Joseph Eaton . In 1833 they had a son, Richard James Eaton who was born in Caroline County, Maryland and died in 1921 in Centreville, Maryland (Queen Annes County) . Hester and Joseph were my great great grandparents. I am researching the Eaton line and have reason to believe they are the Welsh line Eatons. There is a strong possibility Jospeh was the son of a minister in Chowan County, North Carolina.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Subject: I am a Skinner too

Date: 29 Dec 1999

From: "Lannoye" lannoye@wi.freei.net


My name is Malissa Ann Skinner-Lannoye I am the grandaughter of Kennth Bryson(KB)Skinner of Sewerd NE if you have any information on my family please contact me at

malissal66@yahoo.com .thank you

Subject: John SKINNER, Boston, MA 1750s

Date: 28 Dec 1999

From: "Scott Michaud" mazhude@hotmail.com

Hi all.

I'm trying to establish the family connection of John Skinner of Boston, Massachusetts. He married Mary RUST in 1755 in MA. Their daughter, Jane SKINNER, was born 1758 in Boston. John SKINNER was a naval commander in the Revolution. Is he related to the Thomas Skinner who came to Malden MA in 1649?

Happy holidays!

Scott Michaud

Subject: MARSHA SKINNER b 1803 in Luzerne, Bradford Co., PA

Date: 27 Dec 1999

From: "Leonard F. Raab" lenraab@dreamsoft.com

Wonder if you have info on MARSHA SKINNER b 1803 in Luzerne, Bradford Co., PA. Names of parents unknown but know that her father was of Conn. She mrd abt 1824 Alpheus Crawford and several children born in PA, but by 1845 they were in IL. I have searched LDS site and posted query on Genforum site. But no luck so far. Linda at linda33@joltmail.com suggested I contact you.

Thanks for any help. Len

Subject: Skinner families of Essex Co. New York

Date: 26 Dec 1999

From: Sharon Pike spike00@lex.infi.net

I am looking for information on the Skinner families of Essex Co. New York in the 1840's & 1850's. They are probably all related. Can anyone identify them?


Alonzo Skinner

Orten Skinner

Mary Skinner

Orten Skinner


Apollus Skinner

John Skinner

William Skinner

West Point

George Skinner

Orrin Skinner

Jane Skinner



Orrin B. Skinner


Sharon Pike


Subject: Query Response

Date: 09 Mar 2000

From: Michele Reid michele.reid@sympatico.ca

Hi - I found your inquiry/query on the Skinner Kinsmen site and have some information that might work for you. I am studying the Thomas of Malden line and have an Orrin Skinner born Sept. 20, 1820 in Chenango Co. New York died Apr 24, 1867, Payne, Paulding, Ohio. If you wish more infor please contact me.

Michele Reid

Subject: SARAH SKINNER b 1815 Rutland, VT

Date: 22 Dec 1999

From: Lithgirl31@aol.com

Looking for information on SARAH SKINNER born in Rutland, VT in 1815. I believe she may be the daughter of Nelson Skinner, as Sarah was married in Richmond, NY (Ontario County) in 1839 to Myron Norton. If anyone has info on Nelson's children, I would appreciate it.



Subject: Season Greetings

Date: 19 Dec 1999

From: "WILLIAM HARDING" MOMDENE@worldnet.att.net



To-day talk to Jean Adlam recently been to England to visit her mother in


Jean father is Frederick Henry Pile b 1909 - 1967 Branscombe

Francis SKINNER married John Durbin

his brother Seth Durbin dau Jessie Durbin married Ralph HARDING

Joan believes A PYLE married a SELLECK, hope that Martin Perriman may help find the marriage..

brought home information on the PILE / PYLE family..

I am looking for, wrote letters no answer my Aunt Kaye Harding visit her in the 20's for the will of Samuel Harding..

Ms M. SELLECK Budliegh 41a Park Close Woodbury Exeter EX5 1NO

1) Recently search the Seaton & Beer

Thomas Pyle & Elizabeth

William b 1786 Fanny b 1788 Thomas b 1789 John b 1794

John Pyle + Melina

son Henry b 1804

son David b 1807 found in the 1851 Census

William Lockyer married Ann Pile dau of John Pile & Melly Bartlett

John Pyle + Sarah Batstone dau Mary dau Elizabeth

2) Will be sending a letter to Oliver Carter and have him find Martin Perriman whoms lives in Otterton

a) ask Oliver if he can get their address to trace their ancestors

can trace the SKINNERS up to the 1881 Census..

Joan claims the SKINNER build the best homes in Sidmouth

have Oliver ask the family to give a brief description of the family and then send to Skinner Kinsmen Update ( Skinner Family Association)

Phyllis Mary Carter + Sydney SKINNNER b 1929

dau Sheila Skinner + John Geach

son Gary Skinner

son Kevin Skinner

son Andrew Skinner

3) Simon Payton >> William Henry Carter married Amy Stocker instead of Lucy Helena Searle..per Oliver & Mrs Betty Bullock

Florence Ellen Carter married Arthur DOWELL b 1908

4) Raymond Cook >> Oliver Carter will be in contact with you...

1900 SURNAMES from Oliver Carter tree that are found in the 1800's

Barbara PYNE b 1932 Exmouth

Nellie SAGE b 1900 - 1985


Roland EDBON

Yours Truly

Paul William Harding


Subject: Sarah SKINNER & John CONKLIN Reference

Date: 16 Dec 1999

From: Richard Wood pawood@azstarnet.com

In making my connection with Daniel SKINNER's daughter, Sarah (b. 1775), I noticed a reference # (Reference: 14288 ). Is this number a reference to some document? (Note to Richard: reference numbers are just those assigned by the program. Gregg)

My purpose for the question is to verify, through a document, that John CONKLIN (b. 1779), husband of Sarah SKINNER (b. 1775) is the son of William CONKLIN (b. 1754) and Elizabeth Brink CONKLIN (b. 1758)

My utmost thanks to all the people involved with this database, it is one of the best I have ever used.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Merry Christmas to all.

Richard Wood

Tucson, AZ


Subject: Marion Taylor Skinner Descendants

Date: 15 Dec 1999

From: "Cindy" Cyn_Lyn@hotmail.com

Skinner Lineage

1)Marion Taylor Skinner:

Amanda Belle Hardister: d.1933

2)James Rueben Skinner: b.3/24/1893 Moberly,Randalph CO, MO d.10/1987 Monmouth, IL

Della Sackfield Cooper: b.10/15/1898 Iowa d.10/1980 Monmouth, IL

3)James Paul Skinner: b.Billings,MT

Anita Alma Ella Geissler:

4)Timothy Paul Skinner: b.2/24/48 Milwaukee, WI m.2/18/67 FL

Virginia Lorraine Hobbs: b.5/21/44 Mingo, WV

5)Clifford Lee James III: b.3/8/70 Baltimore, MD m.7/31/88 NPR, FL

Cindy Lynn Skinner: b.9/29/68 Colo Spgs, CO

I have a lot af blanks to fill in and more info on other "branches" on this family tree at my website. http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/cynlyn Please stop by and see if we can make some connections! ~Cindy Lynn

Subject: Lorenzo D. Skinner Family Line

Date: 15 Dec 1999

From: SPritch209@aol.com

Hi everyone:

I am still looking for those elusive Skinner family cousins. I have seen a lot more have joined so am hoping to find someone that can connect to my Lorenzo D. Skinner family line. Lorenzo was b. in Virginia 1813 and married a Delilia Phifer Nov. 24 1835 in North Carolina. They had these children Henry b.1836 no other info would like to find a connection to someone, Jeremiah my ggrandmother b. 1838 married Adaline {Addie} Kirby would like to find info on her, Sariah/Sarah 1840 no info and would like to find some. Anna Catherine b. 1847 married a Casswell Wheeler Nov 10, 1864 Blount County, Tennessee, would like to find out more on her and her family. Sometime after the last birth this family of Skinners moved to Cocke County, Tennessee, they had two more children. James b. 1850 no info at all on him would like to find a connection. Rebecca b. 1852 no info at all on her either. I can help anyone with the family Jeremiah and descendants there after, but nothing on this ggggrandfather of mine, Lorenzo. I have a web site/page for anyone to check if you wish, at the following.


Thank you all and happy hunting.

God Bless


Subject: Sarah Skinner

Date: 10 Dec 1999

From: Richard Wood pawood@azstarnet.com

I would like to thank all those folks who put this database together. Because of your efforts, I was able to connect my GASTON-CONKLIN-SKINNER to Thomas Skinner.

Richard Wood

Tucson, AZ



Subject: Lou SKINNER, m Dec 16, 1880 S.M. (Sam Meads) GRIFFIN

Date: 09 Dec 1999

From: Deanna Ebergson deeeberg@uswest.net

I am looking for a Lou SKINNER, she married a SM (Sam Meads) GRIFFIN on Dec 16, 1880. She was from Georgia. Her father was a Dr. SKINNER. She died December of 1918 and is buried in Whitehouse TX. I would appreciate any information that someone may have. Their children were: Kurt, Noel, Grace, Roy, Idus, Mary, Carl, Lucille. The only information I have on Dr. Skinner is that he may have been murdered? He was to have taken a horse & buggy to a call in the night, when the horse returned it contained a body, we presume that it was Dr. Skinner. It is just family stories so I don't have any conclusive evidence.

Thanks for any help, DEE

Subject: Clarissa Skinner

Date: 7 Dec 1999

From: BeegeA@aol.com

I'm trying to locate the parents and siblings of Clarissa Skinner. She married Philip Van Inwegen in Orange County, NY - probably abt 1820-1840 in Orange County, NY. Their children were Annie, Jeptha, James, Mary Elizabeth and David.

I can trace the Van Inwegen line back to the early 1700's and can following Clarissa's daughter Annie down to myself but can find no information on Clarissa Skinner at all.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

BJ Anderson, Alexandria, VA

Subject: Query Response

Date: 09 Mar 2000

From: Michele Reid michele.reid@sympatico.ca

Hi - I read your query on the Skinner Kinsmen page and I think I can help you. Clarissa Skinner m. Phillip Van Inwegan was the daughter of Jeptha Skinner, son of Daniel Skinner, son of Benjamin Skinner, son of Joseph Skinner, son of Ebenezer Skinner, son of Thomas Skinner, son of Thomas Skinner (Thomas of Malden). I have extensive information prior to Clarissa but nothing subsequent to Clarissa. I would be glad to give this information to you if you are interested and wonder if you would like to share your info on Clarissa. Please contact me.

Michele Reid

Subject: Skinners in Michigan

Date: 4 Dec 1999

From: FORHIL2391@aol.com

My ggrandfather was Albert Skinner. He lived (and I believe he is buried) in Tuscola Co. Michigan. He was married to Margaret La Rue but I also believe there may have been two other marriages. If anyone has any information on this line or any Skinners in Michigan I would greatlly apreciate it.

Thank you

Sharon Campbell


Subject: Edward Skinner, Antrim Co, then to Kent co, MI

Date: 14 Mar 2000

From: "Dawn" porky@usxchange.net

Bo you have any other info on your Skinners, mine are from Michigan, Antrim Co, then to Kent co, MI. My gr gr grandfather Edward Skinner camre to US as a boy with his parents Thomas and Harriet to NY. Then Edward moved on into MI as a young man.


Subject: Thomas Skinner, Great Gonerby

Date: 28 Nov 1999

From: "Brian Southwood" briansou@iafrica.com

I have in my family tree the following-

Tabitha Bee, baptised 7 Oct 1806, Great Gonerby, married 17 Mar 1834, Great Gonerby, to Thomas Skinner.

Do you perhaps have anything on this Skinner family in your GOON records?

Kind regards

Brian Southwood

Somerset West

South Africa

Subject: Van Skinner of Bakersfield VT

Date: 27 Nov 1999

From: Cappy Cappy@TMLP.com

Does anyone know the names of children of Charles W.Skinner - son of Van Skinner of Bakersfield VT? My father was his grandson - trying to find where the wife of Charles w was born I think it was in Canada - is there any Dutch or German conection to this family?

Subject: Family of George Skinner

Date: 27 Nov 1999

From: "Harvey and Michelle Pace" harvey@cvtv.net

I am Kristine Michelle Skinner Pace 3/31/50. Brother Kenneth Jay Skinner now Aransas 5/1/48. Father is Thomas Jay Skinner second son third child of George and Agnes Skinner of Alpena, Michigan. Their children were Mary Skinner Muesse, Vance Skinner,Tom, Frank ? Skinner, Noreen Skinner Hudock, Robert Skinner, Frances Skinner Stone? killed car accident 1956 or 57 one son Mark,husband and brother -is-law also killed is wreck. Youngest son and child James Skinner. Grandmother was Agnus Kraft Skinner.Mary had 15 children, Vance 7 with one dying in first year of TB in Texas, Tom two children, Frank no known children, estranged from family, Noreen had 5 children, Robert two sons, Frances one son, James had children but number unknown. I have 4 children 3 grand children. We moved to Texas in 1957, Vance was already here. Mary stayed is Alpena, Robert is Detroit, Noreen moved a lot, Jim left Michigan but may live there now. ope this helps someomne find links. Grandmother told me after I had Sara that I had a great Aunt Sarah and a Great-great Aunt Sarah Beth . I know no other info further back. Michelle

Subject: Martha M. Skinner, born 1827 in Kentucky

Date: 26 Nov 1999

From: OKBeard1@aol.com

I would like information regarding Martha M. Skinner, born 1827 in Kentucky. I know she married William Henry Brown, but have no idea where they were married or Martha's date of death. I have had little luck on this branch of the family tree, because that is the only information I have regarding her.

Subject: Looking for Army buddy - Waldo Bradley Skinner III

Date: 26 Nov 1999

From: "Don Anderson" danders2@tampabay.rr.com

Waldo Bradley "Brad" Skinner III is from El Paso, Texas. I knew him at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, Indiana in 1972.

Donald H. Anderson



Date: 25 Nov 1999

From: "Emily Skinner" mles@speakeasy.org


I am in search of the ancestry of my ggggggrandfather, Ebenezer SKINNER, b. 1766. I believe he married Mary COOK or CROOK. Their children were Harvey (b. 1803) and Almond (b. ca 1814). I found a reference to Ebenezer in a book about Monroe County, New York, which identified him as a British Loyalist and stated that he lived in Canada part of his life.

My question is, who are Ebenezer's parents? I have heard rumors that he is the son of Benjamin Skinner, son of Joseph Skinner and Martha Kinne. Benjamin apparently did have a son named Ebenezer, possibly born 1766. But none of the records about my Ebenezer that I've found so far mention his parents' names, and none of the records I've found about Benjamin Skinner's son Ebenezer mention his children, so I can't make a definitive connection.

Can anyone help me make a connection? You can see the information I've already collected at



Emily Skinner

Subject: Samuel Skinner, son of Dr. Israel Skinner, born in Great Bend, Susquehanna County, Pa. in 1822

Date: 21 Nov 1999

From: "Tim Rodabaugh" Jeffred@prodigy.net

I am seeking further information on my Skinner ancestor, Samuel Skinner. He was the son of Dr. Israel Skinner and was born in Great Bend, Susquehanna County, Pa. in 1822. I have most of Samuel's ancestors information but would like to know more about his family. He was married to Ursula Mayo and they had the following children: George Skinner born 13 Sep 1847 died 13 Feb 1897 married Adelia Rhoda Lawton, Adella born abt 1849, Alida born abt 1852, Charlotte E. born 1852, Eliza born abt 1854, Louisa A. born abt 1854, Emma I. born abt 1856 and Mary born abt 1861. Most of these children were born in Windsor, Brome Co., NY while others were born in Great Bend, Pa.

If you are following this line of Skinners please contact me, I am willing to share what information I have. Thank you very much, Tim

Subject: Queery Response

Date: 12 Jan 2000

From: Mary Philhower mphilhower@juno.com

Hi Tim,

My Grandfather, Leon Skinner lived many years in Susquehanna, Pa (a few miles from Great Bend, pa and Windsor NY - I'm in Windsor, NY now) - I have traced him back to John Skinner and they lived near Milanville, NY - I believe that the relationship is Israel's Dad (Abner) was my ancestor's brother (Daniel) - any help I can give on this end please let me know. My computer has been up and down a lot lately but will be glad to share all I have.




Subject: Query Response

Date: 9 Jan 2000

From: "Debi Smeltzer" dsmelt@shipshenet.com

Tim, HI, I went to the Skinner site as a stab in the dark. I"m looking for my Blockberger family, in PA, a daughter Paulline married a J.A.Skinner, have you ever come across them? I"m hoping to find some descendants who maybe know about the Blockbergers.

Pauline's parents were Christian and Minnie Glacier Blockberger/Blochberger. of Wayne Co. PA. Christian and Minnie are buried in St.John's Lutheran Cemetery in Honesdale, Wayne Co. PA Pauline was born in 1855.

I descend from Pauline's sister Caroline Blockberger.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you,

Debi Smeltzer dsmelt@shipshenet.com

Subject: John G. Skinner (or John J. Skinner), an early pioneer in Mississippi

Date: 21 Nov 1999

From: "Ham Bishop" totnham@microsped.com

Dear Skinner Kinsmen:

I am inquiring about a John G. Skinner (or John J. Skinner) who was an early pioneer in Mississippi. He came into the area that is now Oktibbeha County immediately upon the signing of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in which the Choctaw Indians ceded their lands to Ms. He was a farmer and politician. Was elected to the first Board of Police, was the second probate judge of the county, and represented Oktibbeha County in the Ms. Legislature 1838-1840. He was known as "the most active man in town."

There was also a Louisa Skinner who married Jesse Merideth in Oktibbeha County in 1871. In the 1870 Ms. Census Oktibbeha County she is listed as 27 years old, and native of Georgia. She is living in the household of Jesse M. whom she married the next year. She had a one year old son named John T. E. (?) Louisa is listed under the name of Elizabeth Morgan, also from Georgia, who was mother of Jesse's first wife, Mary Morgan. Louisa may have been a Morgan, now widow of a Skinner. Jesse Merideth and Louisa Skinner Merideth had four sons, one of whom is the ancestor of my two Merideth sons.

I am writing a Merideth family history and would very much appreciate any information regarding the two above named Skinners, as they have a relation to this Merideth famiily.

Many thanks. I shall look forward to hearing from some of you.

Mary Bishop

Greenwood, Ms.

Subject: Family History Data

Date: 16 Nov 1999

From: "Larry Earl Evans" e-vans@terragon.com

Alice Skinner b 1888 my wife's 1st cous 1 time removed

George Brooks Skinner b 1858 my wife's grand uncle

George W. Skinner b 1812 my wife's greatgrandfather

Hattie J. Skinner b 1865 my wife's grandmother

Henrietta Skinner b 1891 my wife's 1st cous 1 time removed

Henry Skinner b 1862 my wife's grand uncle

Isaac Skinner no birth data, My 3rd ggfather

Jenta Skinner b abt 1866 my wife's grandaunt

John Skinner b Delaware(no date) My 2 ggfather

Letitia Ann Skinner b 1848 My ggmother

Maud Skinner b 1865 my wife's grandaunt


Thanks a bunch, Larry

Subject: Query Response

Date: 1 Apr 2000

From: "maxine meeks" melmac@schweg.com

Where was George W Skinner borned an Did he lived in Indiana?

Are YOU related to any Evans In Indiana Clinton CO

Subject: Searching for the parents of Merzy (Mirza) Skinner, born circa 1795

Date: 10 Nov 1999

From: "Jackie Williamson" kjwmson@navix.net

I have never posted a query on the internet, so please be patient with me. I have been searching for the parents of Merzy (Mirza) Skinner who was born circa 1795, possibly in Canada, according to 1850 Franklin Co., VT census records. I am reasonably certain that Merzy married Rachel Lovewell, daughter of Robert and Polly Taplin Lovewell, but have never found a marriage certificate, as yet. Rachel was born March 20, 1795 in Vermont.

Merzy and Rachel had the following children:

Irene Saphronia;

Paulina (my great grandmother);

Hannah and Harris (twins);

Robert; Merzy Jr.;

Mary Ann and

Nathan L.,

all in St. Albans, Franklin Co., VT. They are buried in the St. Albans Bay Cemetery beside Robert and Polly Lovewell. Merzy died October 29, 1868 and Rachel died September 16, 1891, due to old age, 96 yrs., 6 mon. 23 da. I do know that their son, Mirza Jr., was a Civil War veteran and settled in Republic Co., KS and is buried in the Ida Cemetery there, with his family. The town of Munden, Kansas, was founded on part of his homestead. Merzy and Rachel's daughter, Paulina, married Martin Joseph Corliss. Their children: John Anson; Mirza George; Joseph Addison; Mary Lovell (possibly Lovewell); Amy Melissa; Daniel Todd; Norman Lasell; Albert Nathan (my grandfather). Martin Joseph and Paulina Skinner Corliss are also buried in the same cemetery in St. Albans. I have been gathering information on their descendants for years. I want very much to locate Merzy's (Mirza's) parents and hopefully make a connection to other Skinners, which will take me back to the land from whence they came to America. Above query from Jackie Williamson-- E-mail: kjwmson@navix.net

Subject: Skinner History

Date: 9 Nov 1999

From: "Sarah Skinner" s2skinne@acs.ryerson.ca

My name is Sarah Skinner, I am from an extremly long line of Rufus Skinner's in Ontario Canada, dating back to Captain Rufus

Skinner of the Fenian Raid, late 1800's I believe. His wife, Sarah Lawrence was the first white women born in Toronto Ontario,

and together a long line of Skinner's created industry in Toronto, for example the Don Vallley saw mill. This is a very interesting

site, I look forward to learning more about my family name!

E-mail: s2skinne@as.ryerson.ca

Subject: Arthur Skinner, originated from Durris,Kincardinshire,Scotland

Date: 9 Nov 1999

From: "peter skinner" familytree3@ozemail.com.au

Hi. Can anyone help me? My gggrandfather was Arthur Skinner.He originated from Durris,Kincardinshire,Scotland but later moved

to the Monymusk,Inverurie areas of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Arthur met and married a Jane Grant in 1860. They and their twelve

children moved to live in new zealand in 1890.Unfortunately Arthur lost complete contact with his two brothers left behind in

Scotland.Their names were James and John.Perhaps they married and had many descendents like Arthur did in N.Z. I am trying to

compile a familytree on the Skinner side and would very much appreciate some help.Of course I would return any help needed.


Subject: My Skinner folks.......

Date: 7 Nov 1999

From: "Tim Rodabaugh" Jeffred@prodigy.net

Hi there Skinner family, I am attempting to make a connection to all of these other Skinner families. Is there any thing here that

makes one? Thank you. Tim

Descendants of Samuel Skinner

1 Samuel Skinner b: 1822 in Great Bend, Susquehanna Co., Pa.

.. +Ursula Mayo b: 1829 in Peru, N.Y. m: Abt. 1846

.. 2 George N. Skinner b: September 13, 1847 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y. d: February 13, 1897

in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y.

...... +Adelia Rhoda Lawton b: September 19, 1850 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y. d: May 27,

1935 in Owego, Tioga Co., N.Y.

...... 3 Edmond A. Skinner b: December 10, 1876 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y. d: December 10,

1876 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y.

...... 3 Louis S. Skinner b: January 1878 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y. d: February 17, 1960 in

Johnson City, Broome Co., N.Y.

.......... +Emma Smith b: November 21, 1879 in Penelope, N.Y. d: April 17, 1957 in Endicott,

Broome Co., N.Y.

.......... 4 George W. Skinner, Sr. b: November 21, 1907 in Cortland, Cortland Co., N.Y. d:

November 27, 1984 in Binghamton, Broome Co., N.Y.

.............. +Laura Jean Bevins b: October 20, 1910 m: October 13, 1932 in Newark Valley, Tioga

Co., N.Y. d: February 20, 1994 in Medina, Orleans Co., N.Y.

.............. 5 George W. Skinner, Jr. b: July 13, 1935 d: November 17, 1992 in Medina, Orleans Co.,


.................. +Marlene (Skinner)

.......... *2nd Wife of George W. Skinner, Sr.:

.............. +Eva Slater b: 1920 m: Abt. 1940

.............. 5 Georgianne Skinner

.................. +(Edwards)

...... 3 Christine Rhoda Skinner b: September 02, 1892 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y. d: July 05,

1931 in Binghamton, Broome Co., N.Y.

.......... +Otis Lawrence Waters b: October 03, 1882 in McGraw, Cortland Co., N.Y. m: March 26,

1910 in Cortland, Cortland Co., N.Y. d: October 26, 1955 in Colchester, Chittenden Co., Vt.

.......... 4 Franklin Otis Waters b: December 25, 1910 in Gee Brook,Cortland Co., N.Y. d: August

12, 1968 in Winter Garden, Orange Co., Fl.

.............. +Norma Estelle Fuller b: May 26, 1910 in Owego,Tioga Co., N.Y. m: October 13, 1932 in

Newark Valley, Tioga Co., N.Y. d: January 25, 1974 in Elmira,Chemung Co., N.Y.

.............. 5 Franklin Otis Waters,Jr. b: October 26, 1933 in Owego, Tioga Co., N.Y.

.................. +Janice Irene Dieffenbach b: December 07, 1933 in Endicott, Broome Co., NY m:

February 19, 1954 in Key West, Dade Co., Fl.

.............. *2nd Wife of Franklin Otis Waters,Jr.:

.................. +Kay Pruitt b: December 07, 1942 in Portales, Roosevelt Co., N.M. m: May 29, 1982 in

Palm Springs, Riverside Co., Ca.

.............. 5 Norma Anne Waters b: March 07, 1937 in Owego, Tioga Co., N.Y.

.................. +Darrell Norman Rodabaugh b: March 24, 1936 in Horseheads, Chemung Co., N.Y.

m: October 06, 1956 in Breesport, Chemung Co., N.Y.

...... *2nd Husband of Christine Rhoda Skinner:

.......... +William C. Andrews m: Abt. 1925

.. 2 Alida Skinner b: 1852 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.

.. 2 Charlotte E. Skinner b: 1852 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.

.. 2 Eliza Skinner b: 1854 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.

.. 2 Louisa A. Skinner b: 1854 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.

.. 2 Emma I. Skinner b: 1856 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.

.. 2 Mary Skinner b: 1861 in Great Bend, Susquehanna Co., Pa.

.. 2 Adella Skinner b: 1866 in Great Bend, Susquehanna Co., Pa.

Subject: Gatsy Skinner b.New Port Arkansas-1876

Date: 7 Nov 1999

From: "Jerry & Carol Clendening" jercal@egl.net

I am searching for information for Gatsy Skinner b.New Port Arkansas-1876 m.Wade Crawford 16-Nov-1894.jercal@egl.net

Subject: Mary Skinner b. abt 1835 Perquimans Co., NC

Date: 6 Nov 1999

From: "Tricia Raiford" praiford@awod.com

I'm looking for any info on Mary F(E) Skinner b. abt 1835 married Francis Chappell on Feb 5, 1857 in Perquimans Co., NC.

They had Martha L., Sarah E., John Frank, Matthew Palin, Rachel, and Delphine. I believe that Mary's father was William A.

Skinner who married Mary ?

Any help would be appreciated. Please respond to my e-mail address: wr@awod.com


Subject: Nancy Clementine Skinner

Date: 6 Nov 1999

From: JCroak1973@aol.com

I am really getting desperate (I'm fairly new at this), I am trying to find my g-grandmothers family. Her name was Nancy Clementine Skinner born in 1850 Trigg or Christian Co., Ky. She married LeeRoy Johnson in 1868 in Trigg Co. Is she hiding somewhere amongst your Skinners? Would like to join the assoc., do I qualify since technically I'm not a direct Skinner?


Subject: Richard SKINNER & Susanna POULAIN

Date: 1 Nov 1999

From: KatDyal@aol.com

I am searching for any information on Richard SKINNER Sr & Susanna POULAIN..My line is as follows

Richard SR SKINNER m Susanna POULAIN


REV Nathaniel SKINNER m Elizabeth KING


Nathaniel SKINNER m Elizabeth HARNED (2) Hannah KING

Phillip SKINNER m Hannah KOON

William Ervin SKINNER m Martha OWENS



Vera Bernice SKINNER m Dale GROSS

Velma Katherine GROSS m Charles LYCAN

I do have a SKINNER family history booklet on Phillip SKINNER line if anyone is interested...

Happy hunting everyone

Kathy LYCAN Dyal

Subject: Query Response

Date: 17 Apr 2000

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net


I am reseraching the same Skinner line as you are. I posted to the Skinner Family Association site. Would love to know what more you have. Having trouble sorting out some of the generations. Hope to hear from you.

Yours 'Aye,

Paul Skinner


Subject: Query Response

Date: 6 Mar 2000

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net

Hello cousin!

I am a descendant of Richard Skinner and Susanna Poulain too. I am seeking info on him as well. I have seen some info at the LDS search site that shows Susanna's parents but nothing about Richard. About all I have been able to determine is that Richard was probably on the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands before he came to NJ. What about you? Curious to see what you have.

Yours 'Aye,

Paul Skinner


Subject: New Skinner family in Ohio

Date: 1 Nov 1999

From: "Carolyn" ferrin@tacisp.net

Thank you for making this information on the Skinners available. I was able to find our ggg grandparents and their descendants

back to 1640! We will be sending you a contribution soon.

I found Joel Skinner, married to Rachel Chinoweth (Chenoweth) on 6 Aug 1832. I have more information on their family if you

would be interested. I will list what I have and if you would like me to fax anything to you, I will be glad to.

This information was found on the Vinton County, Ohio 1850 Census:

Joel Skinner, born 1808 in Pennsylvania

married to: Rachel Chenoweth, born 1816 in Ohio


Male: Marion Skinner, born abt 1833 inOhio

Female: Margaret M. Skinner, born abt 1836 in Ohio

Female: Ann Skinner, born abt 1838 in Ohio

Male: Thomas Skinner, born abt 1840 in Ohio

Female: Ellen Skinner, born abt 1842 in Ohio

Male: John C. Skinner, born abt 1845 in Ohio

Male: James William Skinner, born 1 Jan, 1847 in Ohio, died 27 Nov 1919 in Ibapah, Tooele, Utah

Female: Jerusha Skinner, born abt 1849/50 in Ohio

Hope this is of some help to you. Thanks again.


Carolyn Ferrin ferrin@tacisp.net

Subject: Richard Skinner of New Jersey

Date: 31 Oct 1999

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net

Am seeking any leads on the origins of Richard Skinner of New Jersey. Many have just said he was from England but no specific

location. I have seen him listed as being from the Isle of Man. I know he may have been on the Isle of Jersey but how he got

there and where from is still a mystery. Does anyone else have the same curiosity? Would like help in this quest. Also any

information on Skinner/Macgregor connections would be appreciated.

Subject: Richard Skinner of New Jersey

Date: 31 Oct 1999

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net

Hello. My name is Paul Skinner, a 10th generation descendent of Richard Skinner of New Jersey. I saw some time ago, a person

thought Richard came from the Isle of Man. I know he was on the Isle of Jersey before coming over to the States. Does this

relate to your Skinners?

Subject: William Skinner. prisoner in Newgate Prison

Date: 31 Oct 1999

From: "Sherry Senseney" ssensen1@tampabay.rr.com

Does anyone have any information re: William Skinner who was listed as a prisoner in Newgate Prison. He is listed as having been shipped to Maryland in 1729? aboard the ship called "Merry Jacks" from London to Maryland.

Sherry Senseney

Subject: Query Response

Date: 21 May 2000

From: "Louis & Kim" gatch@alltel.net

My name is Louis Gatch. I am doing my wife's family history on SKINNER. In looking thru some information I saw mention of the ship Merry Jacks. My Family came over in 1729 and Godfrey Gatch may have been on this ship. Do you have a copy of the passenger list?

I am also looking for information on Edward Nicholas Jay Black Skinner. He is my wife's GGGGrandfather.

Louis Gatch

Subject: JOHN SKINNER 1802

Date: 28 Oct 1999

From: Mary Philhower mphilhower@juno.com

JOHN SKINNER 1802 - I am looking for any info on John Skinner, married Charity Caulkins, children, William, Betsey, Caroline, Oliver, John, Arlisa and George. Looking for John's father

Subject: John Skinner 1802

Date: 28 Oct 1999

From: Mary Philhower mphilhower@juno.com

Looking for the father of John Skinner, born in Penna. husband of Charity Caulkin, children are: William (1830) Betsey (1829) Caroline (1834) Oliver (1839) John (1844) Arlisa (1845) and George (1847)

Thank you


Subject: John Skinner 1802

Date: 28 Oct 1999

From: Mary Philhower mphilhower@juno.com

Looking for the father of John Skinner, born in Penna. husband of Charity Caulkin, children are: William (1830) Betsey (1829) Caroline (1834) Oliver (1839) John (1844) Arlisa (1845) and George (1847)

Thank you


Subject: John Skinner 1802

Date: 28 Oct 1999

From: "Mary philhower" philhower@hotmail.com

JOHN SKINNER born 1802 IN PENNSYLVANIA - wife Charity Caulkins( 1808), children Betsey (1829) William (1830) Caroline (1834) Oliver (1839) John (1844) Arlisa (1845) George (1847) they stayed in or near Sullivan County New York and were there in the 1850's according to a census -I am looking for the father of JOHN SKINNER 1802.


Subject: Query Response

Date: 13 Jan 2000

From: "Bob Limburg" rlimburg@dreamscape.com

My paperwork is packed away at the moment, but, I am sure that your JOHN SKINNER is from the JOSEPH SKINNER line that came from Connecticut. He was killed circa 1760. His son DAVID was the first to raft down the delaware river. DAVID and several of his brothers settled SULLIVAN CO,NY NEWTON,SUSSEX,NJ AND WAYNE CO,PA. I believe that your JOHN is couple of generations down from Joseph, but this line goes back to the 1600's to THOMAS of Malden,Ma.

As far as CALKINS, this line comes from OLIVER CALKINS and this line also goes back to approximately the same time.

Both of these lines are well documented, there is a book about the Calkins/Caulkins family also, several on the Skinners. As well as any of the county histories/atlas. I will however try to get some specific info if I have it. Hope this sparks your interest,

Bob Limburg-Syracuse,NY

Subject: Oscar William Skinner, b probably Nottingham, UK, 1870s

Date: 28 Oct 1999

From: "David Skinner" skinner@netspace.net.au

Hello Skinner Clan,

I am trying to find the forebears of Oscar William Skinner, born probably in the 1870s and probably in or near Nottingham, UK. He married Mary Heighton some time around 1900, and had two sons, George William (my father) and Hedley, and one daughter, Eva. He was employed as an railway-engine driver for most of his working life.

If anyone knows of him, they may be interested in a family tree down to several young Australians born in the 1990s.

Who knows, I might find a long-lost or distant cousin out of this.

David Skinner, Melbourne, Australia


Subject: Simuel Eddings SKINNER b 1857 Mississippi

Date: 27 Oct 1999

From: Blkjklady8853936@aol.com

I am currently looking for information on my great grandfather Simuel Eddings SKINNER born 1857 in Mississippi. Simuel (S.E.) had two brothers John and William and 4 sisters, Kate, Lorena, Annie Bell and Unknown. Married Susan Jane BRADBERRY in 1888 in Lonoke, Arkansas and moved to Texas. They had 12 children: Clarence SKINNER (b.1889), Hattie Lena SKINNER (b.1890), Ollie Gertrude SKINNER (b.1893), Nellie Mae SKINNER (b.1895), Gracie SKINNER, Earle Franklin SKINNER (b.1898), Hosea Emmitt SKINNER (b.1901), Linnie Eddings SKINNER (b.1903), Eula Florence SKINNER (b.1905), Dovie Jewell SKINNER (b.1905), Reuben Floyd SKINNER (b.1907) and S.E. SKINNER (b.1909). Simuel Eddings SKINNER died in 1911 and is buried in Weinert, TX. I cannot find any information up-line about his parents. Anyone with any information please contact me and let's swap information. I have down-line information.

Donna Hannan


Subject: Afro-American / Indian / Caucasian Skinner Family

Date: 25 Oct 1999

From: SeaTCelani@aol.com

My recent family ancestors are from the Salem NJ and the North Phil. PA area. Does anyone know of a Robert, Joseph, Clara, Randy, Steve, Tyrone, Peggie, Margaret, Sheila, Tyrone or Barbara Skinner?

Subject: Jerry or Jimmy Skinner. Marlow Okla, c 1938

Date: 22 Oct 1999

From: Japlvn@aol.com

I'm looking for either Jerry or Jimmy Skinner. From Marlow Okla, about 1938, As I was born in 1939.

Subject: Elizabeth Skinner, born between 1810 and 1820, probably in Ohio

Date: 16 Oct 1999

From: DeanaT4@aol.com

Hi, I am searching for the parents of Elizabeth Skinner, born between 1810 and 1820, probably in Ohio. She was married to Thomas Jefferson Thompson, December 25, 1833, in Jackson Co., IN. Their Children were: William Henry Thompson b. May 28, 1836 and Mathew Allen Thompson b. April 1840, both born in Jackson Co., IN. There may have also been a Daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth died between 1840 and 1842, in Jackson Co., IN. I have been unsuccessful in locating a Skinner family in the Hamilton Two, Jackson Co., IN., or surrounding counties. Would appreciate any help in finding my GG-Grandmother's family.

Modena T Riddle


Subject: Henry Otis Skinner, b. Belfast, Waldo Co., ME

Date: 16 Oct 1999

From: JeanOlsson@aol.com

Looking for any connection to Henry Otis Skinner, b. Belfast, Waldo Co., ME or his son Henry O. Skinner, Jr, b. 1850 Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. H. O. Skinner, Jr. m. Inez Mabel Fisher in 1869 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA. There was a Percy Skinner connected to this family, not sure of his relation. Please contact me if you have any connection to this Skinner or Fisher branch. Thanks.

Subject: Henry Otis Skinner, b. Belfast, Waldo Co., ME

Date: 16 Oct 1999

From: JeanOlsson@aol.com

Looking for any connection to Henry Otis Skinner, b. Belfast, Waldo Co., ME or his son Henry O. Skinner, Jr, b. 1850 Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. H. O. Skinner, Jr. m. Inez Mabel Fisher in 1869 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA. There was a Percy Skinner connected to this family, not sure of his relation.

Please contact me if you have any connection to this Skinner or Fisher branch. Thanks.

Subject: John Skinner

Date: 15 Oct 1999

From: Mary Philhower mphilhower@juno.com

I am looking for information on my Greatgreat Grandfather John Skinner, he married Charity Calkin and I believe that William H.Skinner was his dad, reference # 14276 - William married Elizabeth Gray - can you tell me who submitted this information so that I can find out if this is the same John I am looking for. All town records came up dead ends. Thank you ever so much,

Mary Philhower


Subject: William Augustin Skinner

Date: 09 Oct 1999

From: Bill Fleming j-bf@worldnet.att.net

My grandfather was William Augustin Skinner. He had a brother named Walton. They called my grandfather Big Gus and my father Little Gus. My grandfather moved to New jersey, married Catharine Highland and gave birth to my father, William Augustin and to my uncle John Skinner. I would love to have some information on the family back before my grandfather. Can anyone help me? My grandfather was in his 40's when he died, my dad was in his teens. Any help would be appreciated!

Subject: Alexander Skinner b Charles Co. MD. about 1775

Date: 06 Oct 1999

From: Joan Hackathorn johack@home.com

I am looking for information on Alexander Skinner and his parents. He's my 4th g-grandfather. He was born in Charles Co. MD. about 1775. He married about 1804 to Catherine Caroline Scatt, the daughter of Rev. James Scott from Scotland, and And Sarah (Brown) Scott. It has been pasted down in the family that Alexander aquired a conderable amount of land in VA. (1806-1807) He brought slaves with him to clear the land and a tree fell on him and killed him. Sometime from Jan. 1807, before 31 May 1807, the was his 2nd son was born, his dad was dead at the time of his birth. This land was later known as Confluence,and is in either in Harrrison or Lewis co of that time. Of this time since the civil war it's become known as Orlando, WV. It lays partly in Lewis Co. and partly in Braxton co. WV. I have 4 generations down if anyone wants to share.

Anything back on Alexander would be nice.

Loretta Snider

Subject: Query Response

Date: 3 Apr 2000

From: "Sherry Senseney" ssensen1@tampabay.rr.com

Loretta; Do you have the names of Alexander's children? Am looking for my gggfather's father, I think he may have been an orphan & was raised by other Skinner kinfolk? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Subject: Query Response

Date: 15 Mar 2000

From: "maxine meeks" melmac@schweg.com

Do you Have any thing on a Rosanna Skinner married to William Meek in Deature co Ind. in 1840 from Ky Borned in VA.

Subject: John Skinner born 1802 Wife Charity Caulkin

Date: 06 Oct 1999

From: Mary Philhower mphilhower@juno.com

John Skinner born 1802 Wife Charity Caulkin - children: Betsey, Caroline, Oliver, William, (?unable to read) John, and George - looking for any information on John - this info comes from SULLIVAN COUNTY NEW YORK from a 1850 census. thank you

Subject: Cornelius Skinner b. 1769 in Loudoun Co. Virginia

Date: 6 Oct 1999

From: "Joyce Hines" jchines@Pagosa.Net

Seeking information on the parents of Cornelius Skinner b. 1769 in Loudoun Co. Virginia. He married Jane Carr and migrated to Weschester, Clark County Kentucky. There is a possibility that his father is Phineas Skinner s/o Cornelius Skinner Jr. There is a sentence in the familly bible of Phineas Carr Skinner son of Cornelius and Jane Carr (awkwardly written) which states "Phineas Skinner grandson who owned this bible came to Missouri (Platte County) from Clark Co. Kentucky where he was born in 1801." I am hoping that this Phineas Skinner is the grandfather of the Phineas Carr Skinner who owned the bible. This bible was copied in July 15, 1936 by Mrs. John Georgen (wife of the owner of the Bible at the time) for a D.A.R. project. It lists marriages and birth dates of that line of the family. I descend from Azubah Skinner, d/o Cornelius Skinner and Jane Carr. She married Joel Franklin Chiles and migrated to Jackson County, Missouri. I found the copy of the Bible Entries in the Mid-Continental Genealogical Library in Independence, Missouri and would be happy to do look ups or even submit to this site.

Joyce Chiles Hines

Subject: Claude Franklyn Skinner

Date: 5 Oct 1999

From: Klauskat@aol.com


I am looking for ANY information on a Claude Franklyn Skinner (my Grandfather). He was born June 19, 1882, and died January 21, 1954. He was married to Pearlie Mae Lewis, and lived in Atlanta, Ga. They had at least 6 children: Eunabelle, James Edgar, Trellis Lee, Nina Pearl, Jessie Franklyn, and Sara Hazel.

The children that are still alive have no information concerning where he was born, or who his parents were, so I am at a dead end. I will be greatly indebted to anyone who can get me past this wall....Thanks!

Dave Skinner

Subject: Gatsie

Date: 4 Oct 1999

From: "Jerry & Carol Clendening" jercal@egl.net

Hello I am searching for Gatsie Skinner Crawford B.New Port AR. Father John Skinner.Thank You Carol

Subject: Sarah Skinner born in 1815 or 1816 in Rutland, Vermont

Date: 3 Oct 1999

From: Jacksmom31@aol.com

Looking for the parents of Sarah Skinner born in 1815 or 1816 in Rutland, Vermont. The family later moved to Ontario County, NY in the by the 1830's. Sarah Skinner married Myron H. Norton and then moved to Ionia County, Michigan. Does anyone know if Sarah Skinner ties in with Nelson Skinner of Ontario County, NY? That's the only name I can find in this county. Thanks!

Rae Lithgirl31@aol.com

Subject: John Skinner who married Charity Calkin Skinner

Date: 02 Oct 1999

From: Mary Philhower mphilhower@juno.com

I have found my Great Grandfather, John Skinner (approx. 1802 in Penna.) who married Charity Calkin Skinner (approx 1808 in New York) and their children were 1)Betsey, 2) Caroline 3) Oliver 4) William 5) John 6) ? can't read and the 7th child was my great grandfather George. I am at a loss as to tracing John and Charity back to their parents. I received this information from the Sullivan County New York census records of 1850 in the Town of Lumberland. Any help will be appreciated

Subject: Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri

Date: 31 Mar 2000

From: SPritch209@aol.com

Hi everyone:

I am interested in the Skinner families that are still or are at least connected to the Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri area. My Grandfather was born there and It has come to my attention that there are probably some relatives still living there. Anyone that could help me with some of these connections it would be appreciated

God Bless


Subject: Kentucky Skinners

Date: 30 Mar 2000

From: MOMANDBEE@aol.com

Is anyone researching the Kentucky Skinners - Richard Skinner of Flemingsburg, Kentucky and family.

Louella MOMANDBEE@aol.com

Subject: Joseph Skinner

Date: 26 Mar 2000

From: Lwbs@aol.com

I am searching also for a connection between Captain Skinner and Captain Delano presuming they were related in some way. Maybe by marriage? Captain Delano commanded the other ship under Captain Skinner.

Jorge Delano

Subject: Joseph Skinner

Date: 23 Mar 2000

From: Lwbs@aol.com

Dear Skinner Kinsmen:

For a research paper on the influence of Americans in the SA Independence Wars, I am looking for information on Captain Joseph Skinner. Captain Skinner was a know privateer during the War of 1812 as Commander of the war ship "Governor Tompkin" capturing the ship "Wereid", sold in New York for 270,00 dollars . . . Captain Skinner later was the Comodore of the flotilla of two 850 tons patriot warships built in the East River Shipyards that left NY port on September 9, 1818 bound for the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I need all the information I can get on Captain Skinner.

Many thanks

Jorge A. Delano

at Trinity College in Hartford, CT

Subject: Another relative

Date: 23 Mar 2000

From: "Bonnie Spalding" bon@dmi.net

I finally got brave enough to wade into the deep and trepid waters of family research on the internet. And I found you. Ann/Anne Skinner born about 1475 in Reigate, Surrey, England married Sir Knight Bat(?) Henry Wyatt/Wyott about 1500, he was born about 1460 of Allington, Kent, England; died 10 March 1537, same place. Had children: Sir Henry Wyatt, born abt 1500; Margaret Fransje Wyatt b 1502/1514; Sir Knight Thomas Wyatt, born abt 1503; and Mary Wyatt born abt 1509. Sir Knight Thomas Wyatt is my direct line to Ann/Anne Skinner and Sir Henry Wyatt/Wyott. Beyond having the names of her parents: John Skinner born abt 1449 of Surrey England and that he had a wife, I draw a blank.

Do you have any information this far back? Or can you tell me where to search?

I'm not in any hurry. Thanks, Bonnie bon @dmi.net

Subject: Skinner family of Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia

Date: 22 Mar 2000

From: "john garveey" garv-gaarvette@starpower.net

I have alot of information on the Skinner family of Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia.

I am still looking for more information.

William Skinner married Milly they had a son John born 1798 in Virginia death aft. 1880 he married to Zilpha Ann Northcutt born Jan.10,1882 in Harrison County Kentucky Zlipha's father was John Northcutt Sr. they had a son Henry Skinner Born 1897 died Nov.5,1895= consumption married Oct.4,1849 in Kentucky. to Mary A. Pickett. Mary'a parents were William and Sara Brown Pickett. William was born 1811 in Virginia death sometime before 1860. William and Sara were married March 23,1830 in Harrison County Kentucky. Sara was born 1799 in Virginia death April 14,1876 in Scott County Kentucky. her father-- Evan Brown. William and Sara had two daughters Mary A., and Margaret J.

Margaret J.married Silas Skinner they had a daughter Parthenia Skinner.

Mary A. married Henry Skinner they had two sons (that I know of) Allen L. Skinner born Oct.11,1871 died Sept.5,1905 he was a bartender death due to gastraligia. and John Skinner born Feb.1,1855 in Scott County Kentucky died June 6,1931 married Oct.9,1879 to Lurinda Meeks born May12,1863 died May12,1940 her parents were George and Elizabeth Meeks. John and Lurinda had 7 sons and three daughters, Bertha, Hettie A., Eliza J., Santford, Samuel, Netwon, Hez, Virgil, and Raymond. Samuel Skinner was born March 27,1884 in Clinton County, Indiana died Oct. 3,1969 married to Maude L. Jones born Sept.22,1887 in Rankin, Ill. died July14,1933 they had a son Glenn F. and a daughter died at birth.

Glenn Skinner born April 24,1911 died April 28,1985. he married Dec.8,1945 Doris Miller born Oct.26,1923 in Jefferson County. died? parents were Carl W. and Stella Waren Miller. after she died he married July15,1950 to Mable L. Sturgis born Jan. 4,1919. they had a son Kenneth E. Born June 10.1952 and a daughter Linda Sue born March 1,1951

I would appreacate any information on my family

Please email me at johngarvey39@hotmail.com thanks, Linda

Subject: Skinner family

Date: 21 Mar 2000

From: Trinky_2@webtv.net

I am new to this but have seen some very similar names for my family. I got this information from my Aunt's family Bible. I am not sure of everything yet, but am working on it. I can trace from Thomas Skinner of Malden all the way through Asahel Skinner & Phebe Gould. There are a few differences after that. Here is what I have. Does anyone have anything to help me any further?

Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA b. 1617, England.

m. Mary Gooden (1621-1671)

Thomas Skinner (1645-1722)

m. Mary Pratt (164-1704

John Skinner

m. Sarah Burroughs ( know there was a question on the pages I read on here, but this was the name in our Family Bible.)

John Skinner

m. Mary Blake

Daniel Skinner

m. Abigail Briggs

Asahel Skinner

m. Phebe Gould

John Skinner (David/Daniel? was in the list)

m. Hannah Tyler

Daniel Skinner

m. Margaret Narethup (this was hard to read and I am not sure of the spelling)

George Emory Skinner 22 born in Gallia Co., Ohio, living in Mason County, WV (this was my great grandfather)

m. Augusta Ellen Poston 19 born in Athens County, Ohio, living in Mason County, WV on January 1, 1985. This is according to a book on Mason County WV marriages 1870-1885.

They had several children.

Ernest Egbert Skinner 10/18/1885-4/1974

Grace Gertrude M. ? Jarrett

Minta Maude(1/15/1888-3/7/1936) m. Clarence Luther Brown (9/9/1896-11/6/1969) They were married October 18, 1916. These were my grandparents.

Helen Hester

Roy Russell Skinner 2/9/1897-8/1974

Virginia Pearl (Penix-1st marriage)Cornell-3/25/1900-1/71

I don't know what else to do with this info now, but maybe it can help

someone else, too. Thanks.

Kathy Thomas

Subject: CLARK SKINNER b. 1794 KY

Date: 19 Mar 2000

From: VWhite0901@aol.com

I'm looking for the family of CLARK SKINNER b. 1794 KY....I know for sure that CLARK lived in Rockcastle Co.KY from these land warrants:

Kentucky Land Warrants:

Grantee: Skinner, Clark

Acres: 50

Book: A-2

Page: 149

Date Survey: 5-17-1831

County: Rockcastle

Watercourse: Dry Fk Crooked Creek...


Grantee: Skinner, Clark

Acres: 50

Book: G-5

Page: 181

Date Survey: 12-13-1833

Watercourse: Dry Fk Valley


I next found the family listed on the Garrard Co.KY census for 1850.....Clark's wife was listed as LUCINDA b. 1820 KY, but when I found them on the next census 1860 in Greene Co.IN....Clark had died Oct 1856 and SUSANNA b. 1812 KY was listed as the widow and head of household......But I believe that Lucinda and Susanna are the same person.....This is their family and their spouses.....If anyone is connected to this SKINNER line I would appreciate hearing from you.

Descendants of Clark Skinner

1 Clark Skinner 1794 - 1856

.... +Susanna 1820 -

.... 2 Peyton S. Skinner 1831 - 1871

.... 2 William Skinner 1833 -

........ +Arabell

.... 2 Elizabeth J. Skinner 1835 -

........ +Thomas M. Walker 1834 -

.... 2 Mary Skinner 1838 -

........ +David Brock

.... *2nd Husband of Mary Skinner:

........ +William J. Bland 1838 -

.... 2 Sarah Skinner 1839 -

.... 2 James H. Skinner 1843 - 1875

........ +Eliza Goodwin 1837 -

.... 2 John Riley Skinner 1844 - 1912

........ +Rachel Matilda Crockett 1846 -

.... *2nd Wife of John Riley Skinner:

........ +Sarah E. Robinson 1842 -

.... 2 David J. Skinner 1848 - 1921

........ +Hamey Loruh Livingston 1853 - 1932

.... 2 Malissa F. Skinner 1851 - (Melvina)

Thanks so much,

N.J.Skinner White


Subject: Charles Orlando Skinner of Waterford, Erie, PA

Date: 19 Mar 2000

From: MKlaas msklaas@yahoo.com

I am researching my great-grandparents

Marcia Leora Baldwin of Waterford, Erie PA married Charles Orlando Skinner of Waterford, Erie, PA. They moved to Washington, Erie County, PA (now Washington County) and lived on Linn Avenue. They are buried in Waterford Cemetery, Erie, PA.

Their children:

Theodore "Tobe"

Thaddeus Steven



Thaddeus Steven was my grandfather. He married Blanche Martha Mehaffey of Hancock County, West Virginia, and lived in Washington, PA.

Their children




Hazel Leora is my mother. She married Ralph Franklin Stanley of Hancock County, West Virginia. They lived in Hancock County, WVA.

Their children

Margaret Ann

Marcia Leora (ME!)

Thank you,

Marcia Klaas

Subject: Harold H. Skinner

Date: 11 Mar 2000

From: Mkmt999@aol.com

My grandfather was Harold H. Skinner. He was originally from somewhere in Canada. Do you have any info?


Subject: Elisha Skinner

Date: 2 Mar 2000

From: "ssoper" ssoper@mo-net.com

My Skinner brick wall is Elisha Skinner. He was born in New York abt 1815. He worked as a surveyor, and lived in Ohio, and Iowa. He was married to Abigail Peckham August 15, 1835 in Holmes, Ohio. They were the parents of Sarah, Charles, Henry, William and Easten, and probably at least two others. Elisha served in the Southern Border Patrol of Iowa during the Civil War.

If anyone has a match on any of the above, please let me know.



Subject: SAMUEL B. SKINNER, b 1822

Date: 29 Feb 2000

From: "Ladena" ladena@grapevine.net

Looking for information on SAMUEL B. SKINNER, born 1822, and his parents, etc.

SAMUEL B. SKINNER, had three children (James Milton Skinner; Congrave Samuel Skinner (born 1857) and Cordelia A. Sue

Skinner. He was married to Sarah Ann (Sally) Sears.

An old census report on Congrave Skinner says that SAMUEL B. SKINNER was originally from Pennsylvania.


Subject: Skinners

Date: 27 Feb 2000

From: robert maki barlamar@sympatico.ca

I am new at searching my Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandfather a Benjamin Skinner. All I know for sure is that he had a daughter Elizabeth born 1827 (maybe born in Canada) because she married Philip DeForest in Canada on Jan. 22, 1842. I can't find anyone that knows of him. I am very new with computers & I don't know how to get this message in the Skinner Queries.

Hope you can help.

Barbara - Canada

Subject: Mariah J. Skinner

Date: 26 Feb 2000

From: "Susan M. Berry" sberry@nfo.edu

I'm trying to locate information on my great-great grandmother (and mystery woman), Mariah J. Skinner. According to census reports, Mariah was born in either Alabama or Mississippi ca. 1822. She married John W. Fancher, Jr., in Noxubee County, Mississippi, on 19 May 1842, but later they lived in Union Parish, Louisisana. Circumstantial evidence suggests that Mariah was closely related both to Caroline Frances Skinner Youngblood and also to Morris Skinner, although no one has yet figured exactly what the relationship was. We do know that all three were in Noxubee County in the mid-1840s, and apparently moved together to Louisiana. Mariah and John Fancher, Caroline and Abraham Youngblood, and Morris and Mary Skinner are shown living near each other in the 1850 U.S. census for Union Parish, Louisiana. I am descended through Mariah's daughter Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Fancher, born in 1854, who married William Thomas Morton. Mariah and husband John Fancher, Jr., both died during the Civil War years, and daughter Mollie and her two brothers were apparently raised by a Fancher uncle. I am in touch with several of Caroline Skinner Youngblood's descendants, who are equally interested in solving the mystery of Mariah. Can anyone help?

Susan Morton Berry

Subject: Maine conection

Date: 24 Feb 2000

From: "Bill" double@mint.net

Hello There,

Am sending along a small amount of information which may help some people out.

My Great Grandfather was William Skinner, a Civil War Navy Veteran who was enlisted under the name William Munovan. I'm not sure of the spelling. He was in the Queen's Navy and jumped ship in Boston to join the Union Navy. He said the captain of the Canadian ship was brutal, and that he feared for his life, which might explain why he chose to join the navy of a country at war. He is buried in Millinocket Maine where he died in 1918. He had many children, but the only son to live to have a son was my Grandfather, Edward M. Skinner. I, of course, was named after my father who was named after his Grandfather. My father was born in Maine in 1911. I was born in Maine in 1949. I do not know the name of my great grandmother, but my paternal grandmother was a Guiggey from New Brunswick, Canada. She died in 1961, and my grandfather in 1970. Both are buried in Millinocket, Maine.

I hope this sparse information in of some help to somebody.


William D. Skinner

Subject: Blane F. Skinner

Date: 21 Feb 2000

From: Deborah plants@planetlink.net

I am searching for an older man that was adopted from the Skinner line. His father was Blane F. Skinner b. 1892 in Berden, Kansas and died in 1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , that was married to Margaret E. Hamerick b. 1901 in Illinois, then to Wylma Elizabeth Browning. Blane was a teamster by Occupation and white. Margaret was also white but she was just a housewife. I have in front of me the childs(older mans) name at the time of birth and the adopted name. Can you please help this man, if you can't, tell me where to look. I thank you.

Deborah Braswell


Subject: The Newfoundland Skinners

Date: 20 Feb 2000

From: Jenskins@aol.com

I'm searching for information on The Newfoundland Skinners. Here's what I

have so far:

Thomas B. Skinner married Julia Lamb in St. John's Newfoundland before 1900.

They had four children-

1. William B. Skinner, my grandfather- b. 1900, d. 1968, m. Mary Ann Horan also of St. Johns, May 18, 1928. They emigrated to Bellmore, NY and had four children. Thomas P., who had six children William B., my father who also had since children, Patrick James Jeremiah, who has two children, and Ann Skinner, who never married.

2. Patrick James Skinner, Archbishop of Newfoundland from 1951-1979-b. 1904, d. 1988.

3. Joseph Skinner, moved to Vancouver, Canada.

4. Mary Elizabeth Skinner, never married.

I'm especially looking for information on Thomas B., Julia and Joseph. Joseph left Newfoundland for Vancouver and was never heard from again. All I do know is that he has passed away and that he was married and divorced and that he did have children.

Thank you for any help! There are plenty of us Skinners now living in the North Jersey and NYC vicinity and we'd love to trace our heritage back a bit further.

Subject: William Henry SKINNER FAMILY

Date: 19 Feb 2000

From: "Banvie Clothing" banvie@northnet.com.au


our skinner family came from Tunsbridge Wells Kent England.

The earliest Skinner we have found is William Henry Skinner a stonemason/labourer who married Elizabeth Edwards on the 24-11-1798.

m. Martha Quinnell daugh. of George Quinnell & Martha Hands on 26-11-1838.

This couple migrated to Australia on the ship Brilliant in 1856.

They were my g.g.g.grandparents.

Is there anyone out there conected to our line.

My name is Narelle Cameron, Ilive in n.s.w. Austalia.

Subject: Macy M. Skinner

Date: 14 Feb 2000

From: "Barbara Skinner" lucet@artinternet.fr

I am looking for information on Macy M. Skinner who was born in or around Massachusetts between 1870 and 1871. He married Marian Weymouth Junkins. He has been living successively in Mayfield,CA in 1913 ; and Bellevue,WA in 1940s.

Subject: James E. Skinner b Ohio about 1847

Date: 13 Feb 2000

From: Sbjinfish@aol.com

I am a descendant of James E. Skinner who was born in Ohio about 1847. He was married to a Jane in Salem, Ohio about July 9, 1847. He died in Burden, Kansas on June 9, 1896. He lived in Rock Island, Illinois as well as Kansas. Can someone tell me a connection between the Jane Mink listed in the Skinner Association records and the Jane Wescott/Westcoat that is in the family bible/records that we have? Many of the dates seem to match exactly. Jane was born in New Jersey. I would like to have more information about her.


Darrel Johnson

Subject: James Riley Skinner

Date: 7 Feb 2000

From: Kenzi97@aol.com

I am looking for any info on a James Riley Skinner b. abt 1850, but do not know where. I don't know a spouses name either. I believe his children were James Monroe SKINNER, Love SKINNER, Gussie SKINNER, and Ella SKINNER. James Monroe is my ggrandfather. We are not sure if he was born in Luleing, TX or moved there after he was born. He later married Mary Ila Annie Groves b. 27 JUL 1891/1893 in Garland, TX. They lived in Rockwall County Texas and had 11 children. Any info. on James Riley would be greatly appreciated.

Kim Skinner Hastings

Subject: Skinner / Hardister in MO

Date: 7 Feb 2000

From: "Cindy" Cyn_Lyn@hotmail.com

I have alot of info about the Hardister family but have been unable to go

back any further with the Skinner family. If anyone could help out with

additional info. I have my complete genealogy listed at my website on my

family tree page at http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/cynlyn

Skinner Lineage

1)Marion Taylor Skinner:

Amanda Belle Hardister: d.1933

2)James Rueben Skinner: b.3/24/1893 Moberly,Randalph CO, MO d.10/1987 Monmouth, IL

Della Sackfield Cooper: b.10/15/1898 Iowa d.10/1980 Monmouth, IL

3)James Paul Skinner: b.Billings,MT

Anita Alma Ella Geissler:

4)Timothy Paul Skinner: b.2/24/48 Milwaukee, WI m.2/18/67 FL

Virginia Lorraine Hobbs: b.5/21/44 Mingo, WV

5)Clifford Lee James III: b.3/8/70 Baltimore, MD m.7/31/88 NPR, FL

Cindy Lynn Skinner: b.9/29/68 Colo Spgs, CO

(Me being Cindy) Thankyou for any help. ~Cindy

Subject: Looking for info on my relatives

Date: 6 Feb 2000

From: "dannyhawkins" hawk@ar-digit.net

Hi my name is Vanessa (skinner) Hawkins.I am the daughter of Cloy Ray Skinner whos father was Albert Lee Skinner he married Allie Pearl(Harris)Skinner he was born June 21,1900somewhere around Damascus, Arkansas. His father was John Skinner and mother Ader(?)Skinner that is all I know but would like to find out more.John and Ader had more childern Hayden, Hershall, Willie,Dick,Jonathon. My

Email is dannyhawkins@ar-digit.net

Subject: Charles Truman Skinner

Date: 4 Feb 2000

From: "JEAN BURBANK" jean96097@yahoo.com

My Father is 89 years old and has recently been very interested in finding out information about his ancestors. I have been surfing the net and came across your site. Was wondering if anybody could help me find my Father's lineage.

His name is Earl Herman Skinner, his Father was Lorin Ira Skinner, grandfather was Francis Skinner, great-grandfather was Charles Truman Skinner. Lorin Ira Skinner was married to Ollie Etta Widner. Francis Skinner was born in Point Aux Trumball, Clay township, St. Claire Co. Mich. on April 30th, 1844. He married Sarah Ann Phillips on October 25, 1866 at Algonac, Mich. Charles Truman Skinner was married to Angeline Sharkey. Does anyone out there recognize one of their relatives in the above named people? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Jean Skinner Burbank

Subject: Frederick Skinner and Nancy Mozingo

Date: 30 Jan 2000

From: "Ruth Corley" ruthc@zebra.net


I am trying to find someone that will have the list of children for Frederick Skinner and Nancy Mozingo.

Do you know of anyone that has this info. or could help me.

Any help would be appreciated.



Subject: David SKINNER, b. abt. 1860

Date: 26 Jan 2000

From: "Mary Kessler" mkessler@stny.rr.com

Looking for info on David SKINNER, b. abt. 1860, d. abt. 1895 in Dunklin Co., MO. He m. Mary Louisa Jackson 1882, one child Ollie Bell b. 1892. Any help appreciated as this is all the info I have.

Subject: John SKINNER m Hannah Louise PARISH

Date: 25 Jan 2000

From: ASnoppy1@aol.com

I am looking for John SKINNER. He was my GGGGrandfather. John married Hannah Louise PARISH. Unfortunately, I have no dates. They had a son, Thomas Lucas SKINNER born 1839. The family story is that he (Thomas L.) and his three brothers came over from England and when they arrived in America they each went their separate ways never to see each other again. Thomas married Elizabeth Winifred ANDREWS, daughter of John G. ANDREWS of Richmond, VA. I know they lived in VA and many family members continued to live in Virginia. Thomas and Elizabeth had a son William Allen SKINNER born 1870 in Richmond, VA. He married my Great Grandmother Cora Belinda HANDWORK in 1895 in Covington, KY. Both moved to Huntington, IN where they are buried. I would like any information available about Thomas Lucas SKINNER or his father John SKINNER. Names of the three brothers where they lived and died and are buried, etc. Thank you, Kathy Clark Blanca


Subject: Samuel C Skinner

Date: 22 Jan 2000

From: "Ladena Johannsen" ladena@casstel.net

Please help me. I am searching for information on Samuel C (Congrave/Congrove/Conway) Skinner. He married Sarah (Sally) "Ann" Sears. They had one child that I know if Samuel C (same middle name question) Skinner who married Nancy Elizabeth Cash. An old census record in the younger Samuel indicated that the elder Samuel came from Pennsylvania.

I am searching for my 89 year old great-aunt's peace of mind.

Thanks for your help, Ladena


Subject: Query Response

Date: 17 Apr 2000

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net


I saw your plea and I hope I can help. I don't know if this is the same line but I have 2 Samuel Skinners. My Samuel B Skinner was born 5/28/1790 in Somerset County PA and died in Perry County Ohio, 1/25/1853. His parents are Nathaniel Skinner and Elizabeth Harned. Samuel's spouse was Elizabeth Hazelton. This relate to you? Let me know.

Yours 'Aye,

Paul Skinner


Subject: Amanda Matilda Skinner

Date: 21 Jan 2000

From: "Verna Medlin" v_medlin@hotmail.com

I'm searching for information on Amanda Matilda Skinner. Born around 1853 possibly in Louisanna. Died 1889 Tarrant County, Texas. Married William Thomas Medford as his 2nd wife. I've been told she was called by one of these names Matilda/Millie/Tillie. If you have any information about her please email me at V_Medlin@hotmail.com. Thank You

Subject: Louis Skinner

Date: 20 Jan 2000

From: NAlden@aol.com

Seeking info on the line of Louis Skinner:

Generation No. 1

1. LOUIS SKINNER was born Abt. 1806 in Clarke co, Georgia, and died Aft. 1860. He married LUCINDA DUCK Bef. 1833. She was born Abt. 1820 in Jasper co, Georgia(?), and died Aft. 1860.


2. i. SARAH M. SKINNER, b. Sep 10, 1836, Muscogee Co. Ga.; d. Jan 01, 1929, Birmingham, Al.

3. ii. JOHN WESLEY SKINNER, b. 1837, Muscogee Co. Ga.; d. Apr 10, 1864, Camp Douglas, Il..

iii. MARY R. SKINNER, b. Abt. 1837, Georgia.

4. iv. THOMAS SKINNER, b. Abt. 1833, Georgia.??

v. ELIZABETH F SKINNER, b. Abt. 1847, Muscogee Co, ga.??

Generation No. 2

2. SARAH M. SKINNER (LOUIS) was born Sep 10, 1836 in Muscogee Co. Ga., and died Jan 01, 1929 in Birmingham, Al. She married JOSEPH KEYS DIMON Dec 23, 1852 in Muscogee Co. Ga., son of ABEL DIMON and MARY VAN NORDEN. He was born Abt. 1827 in Jasper Co., Ga., and died Jul 22, 1887 in Russell Co, Al.


i. STEPHEN HENRY DIMON, b. Aug 15, 1854.

ii. MARY LUCINDA DIMON, b. Apr 07, 1856.

iii. JOHN EDWARD DIMON, b. May 02, 1858.

iv. LOUIS ABEL DIMON, b. Nov 23, 1860, Muscogee Co. Ga.; d. Jan 01, 1929, Birmingham, Al; m. MARTHA CAROLINE BENTON, Nov 22, 1891, Muscogee Co. Ga.; b. Jul 18, 1866, Muscogee Co. Ga.; d. Nov 29, 1942.

v. JULIA FRANCES DIMON, b.1863, Columbus( Muscogee Co.), Ga.; m. BUCKNER MASON HEARN,

vi. JOSEPH WILBUR DIMON, b. 1867, Muscogee Co, ga; d. 1930, Los Angeles, Ca.;

m. SARAH LUCRETIA HEARN, 1885, Girard, Al.;

vii. RICHARD MASON DIMON, b. Aug 20, 1873.

3. JOHN WESLEY SKINNER (LOUIS1) was born 1837 in Muscogee Co. Ga., and died Apr 10, 1864 in Camp Douglas, Il.. He married SARAH ANN ELIZA JANE BROOKS. She was born 1841 in Talbot Co, Ga., and died Jul 30, 1929 in Ga.


i. JONSELINE SKINNER, b. Abt. 1861.

4. THOMAS skINNER (LOUIS) was born Abt. 1833 in Georgia. He married LOUISIANA. She was born Abt. 1837.


i. WILLIAM SKINNER, b. Abt. 1855.

ii. GEORGIA SKINNER, b. Abt. 1859.



Subject: Search for Harry Skinner

Date: 19 Jan 2000

From: "Barbara Rosato" Barbara.Rosato@uq.net.au

My name is Barbara Rosato(nee Skinner) and I am trying to find any connections to my grandfather Harry Skinner.Harry was born at Barton on Humber,Lincolnshire in 1865.He may have had a sister named Emily and a brother named Frederick.I will be most grateful if you could point me in any direction to help me with my search. Thanking you. With best wishes from Australia. Barbara.

Subject: James Skinner 1778 to 1841

Date: 14 Jan 2000

From: "Mandy Robb" robb@spiderweb.com.au

I am a direct descendant of colonel james skinner the Indian army officer who formed skinners horse regiment .I would be most grateful if you could advise me where I can find more information about this man.

Amanda Robb


Subject: Query Response

Date: 9 May 2000

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net


I received this reply from Roland Caen while looking for Skinner in Jersey. I am no relation to this Skinner but Roland may be able to help you;

Hello Paul, Afraid I can be of no help, I see your man quoted in Balleine's History of Jersey, but can find no other reference to the namd SKINNER in the books I have. Apart from him the name rings a bell in the Regt of the Indian Army which used to be called SKINNER'S HORSE....(any connection ?)

.........Roland in Calgary, Canada


Hope this helps you.

Yours 'Aye,

Paul Skinner


Subject: EMANUEL SKINNER b. 1736/1738

Date: 13 Jan 2000

From: txlakefork@webtv.net

HELP! ( Emanuel our Ancestor)

We have hit a dead end. Can someone suguest where we should look for Emanuel's (father-mother) etc. We thougt maybe he was the brother of Samuel Skinner b. 1726, but we now find out not. We first find Emanuel 1774 Edgecome CO NC. with Samuel S, then in 1775 in Charles CO Maryland Census 1775-78. Then he is back in Edgecome CO NC. Any help out there? They were both strong BAPTIST so Wake Forest U. has quite bit on the Sknners. We have quite a lot of documentaton on SKINNER of the South we would be happy to share with anyone. Where do we look now?

Bill & Lynn Skinner

Subject: Query Response

Date: 10 Mar 2000

From: "Kathleen" ktdexcel@frontiernet.net

Sorry if this is a repeat message to you. It looks similar to what you noted in your query..Also, I am interested in anything you have on the Skinner family who came to Alabama, to compare to and add to my info! Thanks! Kathleen ktdexcel@frontiernet.net


The Skinners and Hollands intermarried twice. Three Skinner brothers, EMMANUEL, SAMSON, AND CORDIE came to the U.S. form England before the Revolutionary War and settled in Virginia. Emmanuel was a Baptist Preacher. After the war, because Virginia had adapted a "state religion" like that in England amd the Baptist Preachers were persecuted there by putting them in jail, Emmanuel left Virginia and settled in what was then called Tennessee County, North Carolina. The area is now known as Robertson County, Tennessee. There were also two Skinner girls that married Hollands, one was DANIEL and one was WILEY.

It is listed in deed book that Emmanuel bought 195 acres and he gave 2 acres of that land for a Baptist Church to be built, and ground for a church cemetary. The deed listed the beliefs of Baptists (the same as it is today-noted 1931-1935-) and said that if the church strayed from those beliefs, the land was to be returned to his family. He stated also that the church could get drinking water from his well and baptize in his creek.

Church records showed that the first house was a crude log house but later was a frame building, then later a brick house. A plaque there shows him as pastor from 1802-?


1774--Emmanuel married ELIZABETH MOORE in Edgecombe County, N. C., Prior to 1880.

1774--Emmanel was deeded land from Samuel Skinner in Edgecombe County, June 10.

1775--Emmanuel is listed in Charles County, Maryland census 1775-1778. He had to be at least 18 years old.

1777--E. became a member of Falls of Tar River Church, Oct. 18, 1777. He was #73 on church roll.

1777--E. witnessed will of James Thomas, Jan. 12, 1777, in Halifax County. Halifax was created in 1758 from Edgecombe County. Executor of the will was Samuel Skinner.

1780--E. took over the role of pastor of Falls of Tar River, Nash County, church.

1785--E. was witness to deed in Nash County of land going from Samuel Skinner Sr. to Samuel, Jr.

1786--E. was deeded property in Edgecombe County by Samuel Skinner on Oct. 30.

1787--E. was witness to deed in Edgecombe County.

1790--North Carolina census shows E. living in Halifax District, Nash County, with 2 males under age 16, 5 females, and 1 slave.

1793--E. was deeded land by William Skinner, bought property jointly with William, April 4, 1793.

1796--E. was left $25 in the will of John Battle on Jan. 28.

1796 E. was paid on account owed to him in Edgecombe County.

1797--E. took dismissal from Tar River Church where he was pastor, and moved to Cumberland, Tennessee. Letter of dismissal was September 30.

1801--Emmanuel Skinner and Barsheba Moore were recieved by letter into the Red River Baptist Church, Robertson County, Tennessee.

1804-1806--E.listed as tax defaulter in Burke County, N.C.

1800-1818--Records concerning E. are found in minutes of the Red River Baptist Church, Robertson County.

1818--Emmanuel's will was read and recorded. He died in 1818.

Subject: Laura Bruce (ie) Skinner

Date: 9 Jan 2000

From: ARSLIBERTY@aol.com

Laura was my great-grandmother. She married Robert Hales Marshall in Washington Co. Alabama (Sunflower, AL). I have some dates and will send them later. If you have any information on her, I would appreciate it.


Renee Shelfer,

Pelham, AL

Subject: J.A.Skinner married Pauline Blockberger/Blochberger

Date: 9 Jan 2000

From: "Debi Smeltzer" dsmelt@shipshenet.com

J.A.Skinner married Pauline Blockberger/Blochberger born 1855 Pennsylvania daughter of Chritstian Blockberger and Minnie Glacier.

I descend from Pauline's sister, Caroline, and am trying to find info on the Blochberger family in Wayne Co. PA Are there any descendants of J.A.Skinner and Pauline Blockberger, who may have some info on Blockbergers? Thanks, Debi Smeltzer,


Subject: Skinners of Florida

Date: 09 Jan 2000

From: TOM SKINNER tomskinr@bellsouth.net

any information on William D. Skinner he lived in St. Augustin and his brother had a restraint call TOMMY'S he died OCT, 1962. He had two sons WILLIAM L. AND JAMES T. SKINNER MY MOTHER WAS FROM QUINCY FL. AND HER MAIDEN NAME WAS WHITE.



Subject: Reginald Skinner

Date: 8 Jan 2000

From: "Anitalynne" romanofa@air.on.ca

Looking for a line on Reginald Skinner (also called William) Deceased Married to a Lilly or Lillie Woodsford - Deceased Born in the British Isles and migrated to Ontario Canada I have no dates or leads thus far! Please, if you have any information email me at


Subject: George Skinner

Date: 08 Jan 2000

From: cath cmsalway@ains.net.au

Hi, to all fellow Skinners,

I have just found this site and would like to add my family to it.

So far I have traced my family back to George Skinner b:1796/7 at Ash Priors, Somerset, England. He was a doctor and practiced in Bath, England; married Jane Elizabeth Skinner (I believe his cousin). They had seven children that I know of:

George Henry 1824-1824, (Dr)George Robert 1825-1856, Jane Maria 1827-1870, Henry 1830-1904, Charles Edward 1832-1838, (Dr)William 1833-1908 and Jane Elizabeth ?-1838.

George died in 1872 and is buried either at Lansdown cemetry or Bishops Lydeard...I cannot find confirmation of his parents, his marriage or his death.His parents may have been John Skinner and Betty(Elizabeth) Joyce...but cannot prove it.

I am descended from Henry(1830-1904). He married Anna Jenkins in 1863 in Monksilvera, arrived in Brisbane (Australia) around 1864.

If anyone feels they have any information, or if I can help anyone with anything I would love to hear from you.

Helen Salway

Melbourne, Australia

Subject: Skinner

Date: 7 Jan 2000

From: Cajgranny@aol.com

I am searching for a William Henry Skinner or Henry Skinner, supposely born in Penn. in 1800 so the family tells me. They only knew him as Henry but going thru the 1879 census I find William Henry in Iowa, Union County, Afton, Iowa. This if where he lived and I guess this is the same. I have been searching for his parents and I'm lost due to I know nothing else to go by. Can you hep me in any way, Linda S. gave me your email thinking you may be able to help me.

Thanks Cleo Mathews cajgranny@aol.com

Subject: Alvin Joseph Skinner

Date: 06 Jan 2000

From: andrea bortner aconsult@pacbell.net

I have been trying to connect myself with Alvin J. Skinner. I do not have birth or death records currently but was told that he died in OH sometime between 1900 and 1930. He was married to Susanna (sp) Skinner (Bortner) previously living in Albion, Ind. in the mid to late 1800's. I also have a picture of Lucy Skinner in the old family records. I do not know if my Lucy was a relative of Wm. Parkinson Skinner and Emeline Gregg. I had hoped that some of the Skinner info. would help me in researching my part of the Bortner family. Can anyone help? Sincerely,

Michael Bortner

Subject: The family name of Skinner

Date: 28 Jun 2000

From: "Paula Skinner" pskinner@vo.lu

My family and I are currently living in Luxembourg, we originate from Oxford, England, but know that our family ties are not just from this area of England. Our daughter Nicolle Skinner, her name does not appear on any search engines for the Skinner name. Is she the first to have this name in a Skinner family? I know that the spelling of her name is a little unusual, but we believe it is the Australian version of Nicole.

can you help us?

Many thanks

Paula Skinner

Subject: Books by Natalie Fernald

Date: 27 Jun 2000

From: "Tonia Hannemann" tnotto@earthlink.net




I have copies of both books by Natalie Fernald.

I will happily do lookups for you.

None of the SKINNERs listed are from areas other than the northeast, so I can not be of help if your ancestors are from southern areas.

The books begin in the 1600's and go up to the early 1800's. Please provide the information you have along with your query.

Tonia Skinner Hannemann

3rd great granddaughter of Dr. Rev. Ezekiel Skinner 1777-1855

Subject: George Skinner

Date: 25 Jun 2000

From: Edwin Van Riper edvanriper@earthlink.net

Looking for information about a George Skinner who was born in England Feb 5, 1849. He emigrated to the USA, ran a hotel on Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

Edwin D. Van Riper

Plano, TX

Subject: John Salathiel Skinner

Date: 13 Jun 2000

From: "glendab" glendab@cmc.net

If you are a descendant of John Salathiel Skinner and Catherine "Strait" would you please contact me. Several of us are grouping together to exchange information and for research of this family. John was the child of Samuel Skinner Jr. of Somerset, Pa.

Thanks. Glenda glendab@cmc.net

Subject: Peter Skinner

Date: 8 Jun 2000

From: steinwan@elkvalley.net (Olive Steinwandt)

I am looking for family of a Peter Skinner. The only information I have is that his mother's name was Agnes, born on Nov 22, 1891. Her father was Peter Woods (charlebois). She was born in Butte, Montana. Her mother's name was Ellen Angelina Isbell. Hope to hear from someone.Please reply at steinwan@elkvalley.net

Subject: John D. Skinner b. 1844 Indiana

Date: 7 Jun 2000

From: "Chuck Skinner" chuck@filmandtape.com

I'm looking for any information about John D. Skinner b. 1844 Indiana, married Virginia XXXXX, b. 1847 Indiana. John's father was from VA, his mother from KY. They lived in Henrietta, Texas (Clay County).

Their son, Elmer Skinner, b. 1877 Texas, married Pirle (Pearl?) XXXXX, b. 1877 Texas. They also lived in Henrietta, and had 5 children (names available on request).

John D. & Virginia's daughter, Addie Skinner, was born 1878 and died in 1880.

Any information would be appreciated, especially the womens' maiden names, and info about John D.'s father.


Chuck Skinner

Subject: James H. Skinner

Date: 1 Jun 2000

From: "Bruce and Pam Wait" bpwait@flash.net

I do not have much information, but I would like to know if anyone has data on my grandfather, James H. Skinner? He married Velma Rae Cowen. They lived in Mineola, Texas in their later years. They lived in Quitman, TX at one time where my dad, Cleland D. Skinner was born. There were 4 other siblings: James Orlan(sp?) Skinner, Treston Audine Skinner, Verlin Vernice Skinner and Marlin Doyce Skinner.

Thank you,


Subject: Skinner Family

Date: 30 May 2000

From: WTC4175@aol.com

Our cousin, Charles Finney Weed (1835-1916) married MARTHA JANE SKINNER (1842-1926) in 1861. She was the daughter of AARON and ELIZA (PORTER) SKINNER who resided South Bend, Indiana.

Do you have a connection to this Skinner family?

We are Weed searchers and have extensive files on our Weed family.

Adella Weed(11) [Adelbert(10), James(9), Eli(8), Lewis(7), Jacob(6-5), Abraham(4-3), Daniel(2), Jonas(1)].

Jonas(1) to America from England 1630-Winthrop Fleet.

Thanks for your help.



W. T. and Adella (Weed) Collins

E-mail: wtc4175@aol.com


Subject: Skinners in Indiana

Date: 29 May 2000

From: Tyson Skinner Skinner_76@hotmail.com

My name is Tyson Skinner and I am trying my hand at geneology. I a very interested in finding out where my family line came from and I need some help. As of now as far back as I can go is my GG Grandfather Charles Skinner. I don't know much of him as of yet but I know he son Raymond Otis Skinner was Born ABT. Feb. 11, 1904. Raymond had five children John(my grandfather),Kenneth, James, Laura, and Mildred. John was born in 1921 and is married to Norma Jean Apsley. Anyone with any info that might help please reply to my email at Skinner_76@hotmail.com

Subject: Gideon Skinner

Date: 29 May 2000

From: Kskinni@aol.com

I am looking for information on the family of Gideon Skinner who in 1812 was one of the first settlers of Vernon Center New York. I believe he came from Massachussetts and am interested in finding out about his ancesters from the 1800s' and back. I know there was Levi Skinner who I believe to be his son. If anyone knows the line from Gideon back I would appreciatte it. I am married to one of his ancesters from Vernon Center.

Subject: Raymond Otis Skinner

Date: 26 May 2000

From: Tyson Skinner skinner_76@hotmail.com

My name is Tyson Skinner and I am new to this but as of now I am trying to find info on my Great Grandfather (Raymond Otis Skinner) I

believe his father's name was Charles Skinner. Raymond was married to Hati Bates and he was born Febuary 11, ABT. 1904. He had five

children John Alvin Skinner, Kenneth,James,Laura,Mildred; anyone that might have any info on this line please email me at


Subject: Edward Alfred Skinner; Wyndyotte, Kansas

Date: 20 May 2000

From: "geoffcox" geoffcox1@freezone.co.uk



I am researching my grand uncle who we emigrated to Kansas, he was born in Exmouth England on dec 25th 1856, we also know that his wifes name was sarah, also that they had a son called John Joseph Skinner are there any present day relatives that could fill in some gaps for us in the information we have, perhaps we could exchange.


Subject: Tracing ancestors

Date: 19 May 2000

From: Dan Skinner dskinner@pncl.co.uk

I am trying to find information on my family. My father was Martyn Skinner, son of Sir Sydney and Lady Emily Skinner, both born in Cornwall. My father was born in 1906 in Acton, London.

Any info?


Dan Skinner

Subject: Skinner

Date: 16 May 2000

From: "Charles B. Eboch, Jr." flit@penn.com

I am looking for information on George Skinner Stephens. I have been unsuccessful in locating any information on him. I know

that he died February 5, 1901 in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. His wife was Harriet Jane Pellow Stephens. I believe they migrated from Cornwall, England to the U.S.A. in the late 1800's or

early 1900.

I know that when he passed away a brother came from England for the funeral and that leads me to believe there are still relatives

in England.

Any help you may be able to give me would be appreciated.

Carol Eboch flit@penn.com

Subject: Rachel Skinner

Date: 11 May 2000

From: "Target & Willie" sexylegs@valinet.com


Looking for info on a Rachel Skinner who m. John Thayer. She was born May 01, 1734, Norton, MA. He was b. abt 1729

Norton, MA., and d. Mansfield, MA.

Any info on her or her husban would be great.

Thank-you for you time,

Tammy Thayer-Stevens

Subject: Skinner Family

Date: 10 May 2000

From: "A & L Vanderleer" alvander@telusplanet.net

Greg, I got your name as a Skinner Family Guild Member from the Internet. I am hoping you can help me. My grandfather's mother is listed

on his birth certificate as "Annabella Richards formerly Skinner". I have been unable to find any information about her so far. My grandfather was born in Trecrogo, South Petherwin on February 8, 1885. I don't know where his parents John Henry Richards and Annabella Skinner might have been born, however, I suspect they would be from somewhere in the Cornwall area.

Do you have any information that might help me? I searched the Surname Index on the Skinner site but had no luck finding an "Annabella"


Louise Vanderleer


Subject: Lydia Skinner

Date: 22 Apr 2000

From: "Judy Wypych" wyp@berkshire.net

I am looking for information on my ggggrandmother Lydia Skinner, she married Mark Leavenworth Elkins in 1815, was born about 1793 and died June 1, 1843. She is buried in Chappell Hill Cemetery in Mansonville P.Q. Mark's mother and some family are buried in a family graveyard in Brome County, Quebec along with Abel and Jemima Skinner and other family members but I can find no record that they had a daughter named Lydia. Any information would be appreciated.

Judy Wypych

Subject: Thank you

Date: 15 Apr 2000

From: VARNONRL@aol.com

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful website. My husband's family comes from Elizabeth Skinner, daughter of Hugh and Sarah, she married William Dyke. I had not even tried working on the Skinners because they were so numerous and I did not know where to start. We suspected that her father was Hugh because she is buried with a Hugh Skinner in the Jonesburg, Missouri cemetary and we figured that was her brother. Anyway. Thank you again. Is there a way to connect with other Skinner descendants from the same family? We also have a Skinner connection to another family. My husband's South family plugs into Spicy Skinner who married John South. We are pretty sure John was brother to our Thomas but we are having problems figuring out which family is which with those Souths. Wow, you all made my Saturday. And it needed some uplifting after two awful weeks at work. Have I said "thank you"

I really mean it. Jan Varnon, Lake Mary, FL

Subject: Charles Wesley SKINNER

Date: 09 Apr 2000

From: "Suntex School" lougeed@harneyesd.k12.or.us

I'm searching for any information on a Charles Wesley SKINNER, born 12 Jul 1865 at Granby, Newton, MO - died 22 Feb 1936 at Webb City, Jasper, MO.

Thank you.


Subject: WoW

Date: 7 Apr 2000

From: Ejskin@aol.com

My name is Edward Skinner and I am descended from Scottish Skinners that settled in Newfoundland, Canada in the nineteenth century. I found your website to be fascinating and would appreciate any contact with other Skinners. My ancestors survived by swordfishing on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. The majority of the clan still resides in newfoundland still making their living from the sea. I have met few Skinners living in Halifax and fewer more that are any relation to the Skinners of Newfoundland. Thanks for the great site.

Subject: Miles Turner Skinner

Date: 2 Apr 2000

From: "Carolyn Furnace" gfurnace@n-link.com

My great-great grandfather was Stephen Owen Frazier who married Mary Ellen Skinner daughter of Miles Turner Skinner. I am trying to verify all info.

Carolyn Engler Furnace

Subject: Parents of Elisha Skinner, born about 1815 in NY

Date: 29 Sep 2000

From: "ssoper" ssoper@mo-net.com

I'm trying my query once again. I'm searching for the parents of Elisha Skinner, born about 1815 in NY; occupation was surveyor. He married Abigail Peckham in 1835 in Holmes County, Ohio. They later moved to Appannoose County, Iowa. I have found where Dr. Elisha Skinner and his wife Sarah lived in Holmes County, Ohio during the same period of time that my Elisha married Abigail in Holmes County, Ohio. I think this is too close to be a coincidence. I've never found any children listed for Dr. Elisha Skinner & Sarah Loomis, but believe they were the parents of my Elisha. Does anyone have any information on the family of Dr. Elisha & Sarah Loomis?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Subject: B.F. Skinner's cabin on Monhegan

Date: 28 Sep 2000

From: "Kristi Chase" KristiChase@post.harvard.edu

Hi Everyone,

We bought B.F. Skinner's cabin on Monhegan which burnt down in 1962. We are planning on rebuilding on the site and would like to have a picture of the original structure. If anyone has a snapshot please contact us.

Thank You in Advance,

Kristi Chase


Date: 25 Sep 2000

From: JannRSVP@aol.com

Hi.... I was just looking through for some genealogy in Port Isaac and came upon your site.... I have some old postcards to my great-grandmother from 1909 which came from a niece & nephew. Was there a SKINNER who may have married a HICKS around the late 1890's.

I can't quite make out the children's signatures.... could be Ian or Jack... BUT Skinner is definately the last name.

Eliza (Mary Elizabeth) Hicks married Richard Rowe and they came to New Jersey.Eliza's sister married a SKINNER and lived in Port Isaac or Port Galverne (have cards from both places).

Please let me know if you have come upon a Hicks marrying into the family.... would be wonderful to finally know who these cards came from! thanks!



Subject: William N. Skinner from Franklin TN

Date: 22 Sep 2000

From: Timbercat33@aol.com

Needing help I know that my grandfather William N. Skinner was from Franklin TN he married Martha (NOE) skinner having children

Benjamin C. Skinner d.o.b 1919 d.o.d 1979

Corene Skinner married a (Irwin) b.d. 1915 d.o.d 1978

George Skinner d.o.b 1917 d.o.d 1996

Charles Skinner d.o.b 1908 d.o.d 1980

living are Thelma Skinner, Christina Skinner,Elmer skinner, Beuford Skinner, dent Skinner

The (wife of the boys were ) Lottie Skinner, lulu Skinner, Dora Skinner,

I also know that we are related to Irwin's - Wayne & Harold Irwin. They had children Beth, Troy, Trent, Deborah, Gary, and there was a Mark and Susane Williams to but I cant seem to but any more together please tell me if you can help

Thank you

Laurie (Willett) Skinner


Subject: Merl Skinner

Date: 16 Sep 2000

From: "Joe Baker" jobak@quixnet.net

I am seeking the family line of Merl Skinner. I lack any information on his parents or their place of origin. He lived in Ottumwa, IA and also several years in Tulsa, OK. Married my aunt, Helen Baker. Believe he died about 1949-50 in Wapello County, IA. He had two children, Merl W. and Dorothy. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. I can be contacted at:


Subject: Benjamin Skinner (1737-1801)

Date: 11 Sep 2000

From: Barbara Fleming BertBarbFlem@aol.com

I am looking for the wife of Benjamin Skinner (1737-1801) son of Joseph Skinner and Martha Kinne. Her name is Millicent but have been unable to find a last name. If you can help, please email bertbarbflem@aol.com

Subject: Mary C. Skinner, b.Abt 1812 MD, who married William Leeper,b.1795 PA

Date: 10 Sep 2000

From: "R&r" rrgroovy@earthlink.net

I am searching for the parents of Mary C. Skinner, b.Abt 1812 MD, who married William Leeper,b.1795 PA. She was married in 1832 in Montgomery Co.,Ohio, raised a family with him in York Twp.Darke Co.,Ohio and died Abt.1885. Their children were Cephus M.,b.1835, William G.,b.1839, Harriet L.,b.1842, Samuel,b.1846, Mary Anna("Annie"),b.1848, Sarah Cecilia ("Tadie"), b.1851, and John E.,b.1856. Samuel and Harriet both died young, Cephus raised a family in Darke Co. and Sarah married a Shiverdecker and raised a family in Miami Co. William left Ohio, to "Go West", Johnny moved to IN, and we think that Annie did too, but that's not verified.

Please, if anyone has a "lost" Mary Skinner, born in Maryland, she is my great-great grandma, & I would appreciate any info or leads you have about her parents.

Thank you.

S.Rose Leeper


Subject: Isaac H. Skinner

Date: 9 Sep 2000

From: "Patricia Wright" patricia_w0@yahoo.com

Do you know anyone who may have information as to who the parents of Isaac H.Skinner were, He was born around 1800 in Georgia and married a Mary Harley.?


Patricia Skinner Wright

Subject: Ezekiel L. Skinner

Date: 7 Sep 2000

From: "The Skinner Family" skinner3@mindspring.com

I was wondering if anyone has any information on Ezekiel L. Skinner...his first name may possibly be Ezekiah...born in Charles County Maryland and died in Fauquier County Virginia in May 1823. He was married to a Mary Eleanor Allender or Ellinder. This is where I am stuck. He had the following children:

James A.





Asa W.

John Thomas

Mary E.

Joseph or Josiah

Amelia or Millie

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, Kristi Skinner

Subject: Skinner UK

Date: 7 Sep 2000

From: "Rob Skinner" professor@u.genie.co.uk

Myself and some of my family were talking about the origin of the Skinners that have lived in Kenilworth, Warwickshire England. In the conversation my uncle told me of article that he had read recently. Basically this article states that the king of England in the early part of the 14th century frequently visited Kenilworth castle on his travels. On one stay he had a sexual affair with a village girl. She was married to a Skinner, she fell pregnant soon after this affair. It was suggested that the baby may have been the son of the king, however, it was brought up as a skinner. I wanted to know whether you had ever read an article like this because I question the truth behind it.

Subject: Skinners from Wales

Date: 7 Sep 2000

From: "neil chamberlain" neil.chamberlain@clear.net.nz

I am looking for Skinners from Wales particularly from the Blaenarvon, Pontypool region. I have come to some what of dead end .My Grandfather Roy emigrated to New Zealand with his family but his father left behind two brothers on of which move to the United States. Any help would be appreciated.

Subject: Francis Marion Skinner

Date: 4 Sep 2000

From: "Patricia Wright" patricia_w0@yahoo.com

I am looking for information on Francis Marion Skinner and his wife Mary Ann Hatfield. They are both buried at Indian Creek Cemetery in Bowdon Ga. Francis Dad was Isaac H. Skinner, Isaac was born around 1800 in Georgia. Francis was born 12/10/1825. Anyone having information on this side of the family would be appreciated

Subject: Frank Skinner, Hollywood Musician

Date: 04 Sep 2000

From: diane godbout dvgodbout@sympatico.ca

Hello, I have just found your site by accident. I am researching an ancestor who came from England with his brothers and wife about 1874.His name is Charles Skinner who came to Canada. It is thought he had brothers, one who might be James or John who went to the States and found Skinner Satin. My mother received a letter from lawyers in the States some years back asking that she contact them however she never did. I would like to hear from you in the event we may be able to determine that we are dealing with the same family. Thanks.

Diane Godbout

Belleville, Ontario


Subject: Frank Skinner

Date: 22 Aug 2000

From: Royal Bachman royalbac@softdisk.com

While surfing the internet for the past few hours, I found you are a member of The Guild of One Name Studies, and you are the located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. As a result of the information, I wonder if you are related, or know of someone who is related, to Frank Skinner who was quite well know in the Music Side of the Movies in Hollywood and surrounding areas during the late 19200s through the mid 1940s.

Let me explain why I am interested: My grandmother, Elizabeth Beeley had a sister named Mary Ann Beeley who married John Freeman(?) SKINNER in Arenzville, Cass County, Illinois. They had several son's and daughters. A son, Chester Milton SKINNER, had a son, Frank Chester Skinner, who was the family member who became famous in the Hollywood Music business. He was a composer, arranger and music director, among other activities.

I have not been able to find when, or where he died, and whom his descendants might be.

Any information you might have on the gentleman will be most appreciated.

I will be most happy to send you any information (not much) I might have on the Skinner family in Meredosia, Illinois and surrounding areas.

Thank you, Royal Bachman

Subject: Skinner ancestors

Date: 20 Aug 2000

From: Servant00@aol.com

Please Help:

I need my ancestors of William Skinner from Lunenburg Co. VA born 1779. He was in the VA militia 1814. Also married on 27 November 1815 to Elizabeth Byars/Byers in Lunenburg Co. William Died in 1831. His family then moved to Williamson Co. TN

children of William and Elizabeth Skinner were:

John Marshall b1816 d. 1888

Griffin T. 1820-1900

Gilley James 1822-1858

William Bennett 1824 ?

Branch Jones 1827-?

Lucy Ann 1830-?


Date: 19 Aug 2000

From: RGray02@aol.com





Subject: John W. Skinner m Mary Jane Mack

Date: 15 Aug 2000

From: LostInThePast38@aol.com

Hi, My name is Carolyn, I am seeking info on John W. Skinner who marr Mary Jane Mack in Clark Co. IL. on Feb 26 1852. they are my gggrandparents, I would like to find the parents of both, since there seems to be many many Skinner's I thought mine might ring a bell with one or more of you. I would surely appreciate any help, Thanks. Carolyn

Subject: Skinner relations from Cochecton, NY and Milanville, PA

Date: 10 Aug 2000

From: "Bob Limburg" rlimburg@twcny.rr.com

Looking to connect with Skinner relations from Cochecton, NY and Milanville, PA. these are descendants of Joseph Skinner/Martha Kinne. going back to Thomas of Malden.

Looking to fill in late 1800s to present with documentation, obits, pics.

Bob Limburg-syracuse, ny


I descend from Joseph-daniel-nathaniel-calvin-weston-charles-martha-robert-me.

Subject: My Skinner Connection

Date: 7 Aug 2000

From: Edward Cleary Edward.Cleary@tigerdirect.com

Source: Ryerson Genealogy Book 1916 By Albert Winslow Ryerson Page 87

Judge William Erskine Skinner of Hoboken,N.J. was born in Glasgow,Scotland, on May 17, 1831, and came to America in 1840 with his parents, the Rev. John Skinnere d.d.., and Elizabeth (Taylor) Skinner. He was admitted to the practice of law at Natchez,Miss., in 1857, and on returning to New Jersey he followed his profession in Trenton and Newark, NJ., In 1864 he was made Counsellor, while living in Kearney, Hudson County, NJ. He was Master Examiner and Special Master of Chancery; Supreme Court Commissioner and U.S. Commissioner. He was Presiding Judge of the Bergen County, NJ., Court of Common Pleas, Quater Session and Orphans Court, From April 1876 to April 1888.

Married to Mary Linn Ryerson. (Daughter of Hon. David Ryerson and Mary Linn who was daughter of Dr. Andrew Linn and granddaughter of Joseph and Martha (Kirkpatrick) Linn)


1. Elizabeth Kirkwood Skinner-died April 2, 1904, at Hamburg,NJ.; married Charles H.Linn, Son of Dr. Andrew and Julia (Vibbert) Linn. Mr Linn is a druggest of Hamburg,NJ.


A. Mary Ryerson Linn

B. Julia Vubbert Linn

C. Alexander Linn

D. Elizabeth Kirkwood LInn

2. George Ryerson Skinner-Born Feb 15, 1860; Died Dec 22, 1885. He Married on his deathbed, Eva Myer Hasbrouck,dau of Dr Hasbrouck. Mr Skinner was an attorney and one time partnership withWessels Ryerson in Paterson,NJ.

3.John Erskine Skinner, born Nov. 10, 1862. Resided in Slocan City, B.C. Canada.

4. Catherine McMurtry Skinner Resided Hoboken, NJ 5 22 1897; Unmarried

7. William Erskine Skinner, born Dec 30 1871 marries first Elizabeth Van

Blarcom and had a son. The mother died and he married 2nd Olive Van blarcom a sister of his first wife, and they had a dau. Resided in New Jersey.


a. John Fraser Skinner (byfirst wife)

b. Edith Skinner

8. Magdaline Fraser Skinner Married Albert Prescott Morris, and they had --


a.George Ryerson Morris born Aug. 19, 1891

b. Albert Prescott Morris jr.

c.Norman Fraser Morris born 1903-resided Hoboken,NJ

9.RALPH W. SKINNER- born Feb. 1 1874 married Mar 8 1900 Charlotte McGregor Borthwick.. Mr Skinner was an attorney of Newark,NJ--(he has taken an enthusiastic intrest in family genealogy and rendered valuable assistance in prepreation of this book.)

10. Lyle Ashfordby Skinner born May 21 1875 married May Genevieve Ketchum Resided Brooklun, NY

My link is through:

11. Henry Taylor Skinner born July 10, 1881

Henry married Catharine McGill Higgens of Blairsdale (?) NJ, Date unknown.

Known children include:

1. Virginia

2. Catherine (My Grandmother)

Married Clarence Redemon Mundt, Escanaba, MI around 1930.

Subject: Vermont Skinner Lineage

Date: 5 Aug 2000

From: akskurgis@webtv.net (Richard Skinner)

I hope you are interested in a missing lineage of SKINNERs. My information stops at Ralph P. SKINNER b. abt 1804 and Mary Burton. I would appreciate any further information you might have about them. Ralph's father or gfather may have been from Conn. and emigrated with a landgrant from N.H along with Ethan Allen. I don't really know.

Thank you, Richard Lynn Skinner (Jr.) Lynn, Essex, MA.


Subject: Parsons cemetery Jackson County, WV

Date: 29 Jul 2000

From: Kellea Lewis kellealew@yahoo.com

I am working on Parsons cemetery documentation in Jackson County, WV. There is a Thomas Skinner b. 1856 in Ohio d. 1934 in Gay, Jackson Co, WV. His wife's name was Manurva ? b. 19 Apr 1854 d. 19 Dec 1937. Thomas, his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are all buried in this cemetery. He is the only Skinner in the Census records for the time period, the census state that he was born in Ohio. I am hoping that someone of the Ohio Skinner Family might know something about him that we may add his history to the cemetery history.

Thank you

Kellea Lewis


Gay, Jackson Co, WV

Subject: Skinners from Mechlenburg County, NC

Date: 28 Jul 2000

From: SPritch209@aol.com

Hi all you Skinners

I am now looking for all Skinners from Mechlenburg County, North Carolina from 1830-1840-1850 census. I am particularly interested in the following names found. William Henry, Jeremiah, Lorenzo D. Charles, Mary. My family from Lorenzo m. a Delilia Phifer and Mary Skinner married Peter Phifer. I believe that Mary is the sister of my Lorenzo. Peter is the brother of Delilia. I believe that Jeremiah is the older brother by 2-3 years he came to Mechlenburg first and then William Henry Skinner, with I believe Lorenzo at 17 years old. I found a William Henry Skinner I believe to be his brother.

I believe and it is pretty conclusive that any Skinners in the county at this time is all belonging to one family. If you have info or can connect to any of these Skinners would you please contact me. AT SPritch209@aol.com thank you.

God Bless


Subject: Skinner Family Assoc.

Date: 26 Jul 2000

From: Ruth Brook ruthbrook@yahoo.com.au

I am writing to you in relation to your " Skinner Family Association " in the faint hope that you might have some information which may be helpful to me in my ELDER family research ... out of London ?

My GGGG Grandparents - Robert Elder & Mary Mendey - had 8 known children in the Bethnal Green / St. Leonards / Chelsea districts of East London between 1819 and 1841.

The youngest of their children was Louisa Elder born 1841. In 1862 Louisa married Philip Lyons, and we know that they had at least one son - Philip - in ca. 1865.

The next I know of Louisa is on the 1881 Census where we could not find a couple matching the descriptions of Louisa and Philip Lyons, but in desperation I looked for a son Philip ... and then found that Louisa had remarried ... the census showed the following :-

12 Goldsmith Square, Shoreditch, London.

George Skinner Age 42 Born Middlesex, England.

Boot Finisher

Louisa Skinner Age 40 Born Middlesex, England.

Silk Weaveress

Phillip Lyons Age 16 Born Middlesex, England.

Step son of George

Boot Laster

I have as yet been unable to find a marriage between George & Louisa between 1865 and 1881 ... am still looking ... but am interested to know if you might have any information regarding SKINNERS in London, which might be of some use to me in my search !? I do not know as yet whether George & Louisa had any children of their own.

I thank you for your time, and will look forward to hearing back from you.

With thanks,

Ruth Brook


Subject: Zophar Skinner - MA and RI

Date: 23 Jul 2000

From: "Wendy Walter" wgw@halcyon.com

I'm searching for information on Zophar Skinner who was born about 1774 and died in 1843 in Norton, Bristol County MA. He married Bethiah Freeman in 1799 in Taunton, MA.

Zophar and Bethiah had 6 children:

Elijah Skinner

Nathianel Freeman Skinner

Zophar Skinner

Abigal Hawes Skinner

Mary Freeman Skinner

Betsy Godfrey Skinner.

I'm descended from Zophar the 2nd (born 1803 in Norton MA - Died 1860 in Cumberland, Providence Cty., RI). He married Cynthia Comstock and had 3 children:

Joseph Godfrey Skinner

Zophar Skinner

Henry Francis Skinner

Once again, I'm descended from Zophar the 3d (1843-1926). He lived his whole life in Valley Falls, R.I. and married Eliza Jane Carpenter in


Zophar the 3rd was my great-great grandfather.

I've seen references to lots of Skinners from Norton, Bristol County, MA, but can't find any connections to my line. Can anyone help?

Wendy Walter


Subject: Rev. John T. Skinner

Date: 15 Jul 2000

From: "Karan Skinner Fletcher" karan_skinner@yahoo.com

I am researching the line of Rev. John T. Skinner and wife Martha T. Turner. John was born in 1799 and died April 1878 in Newton Co. GA. He married Martha Turner on Jan. 2, 1817 in Hancock Co. GA. After Martha died he married a 2nd time to Rachel Yancy on Aug. 15, 1864. John and Martha had a total of 9 children all born in or around Henry/ Newton Co. GA. Any information concerning his parents and/or siblings would be welcome. Thanks Karan

Subject: Lydia Anne Skinner, b. 1930

Date: 11 Jul 2000

From: CindyPaws@aol.com

We are searching for my husband's birthmother, Lydia Anne Skinner. She was 18 at the time of his birth on 29 Feb 1948 in Staffordshire, England. We have no other information other than her name. Would love to have any information. Maybe there are some half-siblings out there ! Thanks for anyone who can help us out.


Subject: Skinners

Date: 11 Jul 2000

From: Quentin Skinner quentin.skinner@nextpage.com

My name is Quentin Skinner and I come from a line of Skinner's from Pinedale, Wyoming. My dad is Quentin Skinner and he has 4 brothers, Bud, Monte, Ole, Courtney and Bob Skinner. My grandfather was Clem Skinner and his wife was Viola Skinner, both of Pinedale.

I am told by my dad that Clem came to Wyoming from Wisconsin, but from there, I don't know much about my heritage. How can I find out more?

Quentin Skinner

Subject: Great Aunt Skinner

Date: 11 Jul 2000

From: "Edward Day" dayglass@lineone.net

I do not know christian name.Possibly born about 1900 in London England. Father name. William. Mother Ellen. She was taken from her home and family and put into an orphanage and then transported to America at about the age 3-5 years. Had two sisters Ellen the eldest, then Jessie. Do not know if she ever married, or what surname she was given, if in fact it was changed.During the second war, family sent photos to an address in Miami.She was looking for her family in England, and advertised through a english newspaper. We did not get a reply, so dont know if she received them. Hoping you can help.


Date: 08 Jul 2000

From: Scooter natims@pacbell.net

Hi all you Skinners: I have no association to the Surname but i do have a letter from a JOEL SKINNER TO a Mr E.C.SKINNER in Elmer Oaklahoma dated 8/17/1945. JOEL was in the Army at the time. Scott

Subject: Robert SKINNER born Dec 1851 at Pitminster, Blagdon Hill, Somerset, England

Date: 7 Jul 2000

From: "Yvonne & Nigel Armitage" armitagedesign@xtra.co.nz

Greetings All,

Looking for any information or connection to the following:

My Great Grandfather, Robert SKINNER was borne December 1851 at Pitminster, Blagdon Hill, Somerset, England. He was one of 5 children of John & Jane SKINNER (nee Marke). Robert's parents are I belive buried at Pitminister as are two of his brothers and sisters. Besides my Robert, the other child to survive to adulthood was I believe Sarah SKINNER. I would welcome very much any info on this Skinner line or anyone who feels there may possibly be a connection to this line that we could explore.

Thanks for taking the time to read this - look forward to hearing from you !

Yvonne Armitage

Auckland, New Zealand.

Subject: Richard Skinner of NJ-Researchers and Descendants

Date: 5 Jul 2000

From: "Paul Skinner" paulo@mcn.net

Hello cousins!

I just finished looking over Marion Turk's book "The Quiet Adventurers in North America." I don't recall the page number but she seemed to have her doubts about the Channel Island origins of Richard. She wasn't sure if the family should have been included. But what caught my attention was the mention that the ship, The Philip, stopped in New York and Virginia before arriving in Elizabethtown, NJ. Could our Richard have come from one of those 2 places? I ask because no one has been very forthcoming about the Philip and any documents associated with it; no record of Richard's birth in Jersey; no record in Hampton, England that I could find through GenForum/UK. So, I am wondering if we have overlooked something.

Additionally, I wonder if a valet would also be a carpenter. One researcher purported claims Richard was Philip Carteret's valet. Again, no one at the Channel Islands Genforum has come forth with any records. Would a person have had such diverse occupations during the 1640-60's? I am not very familiar with that sort of history. I would appreciate any thoughts, verifications, denials, whatever with regard to this theory. Thanks for your input.

Yours 'Aye,

Paul Skinner


Subject: Robert Skinner of Calvert County Maryland and Descendents

Date: 31 Dec 2000

From: Tahiti1997@aol.com

Robert Skinner and Anne Storer// Adderton Skinner// Henry Skinner// Walter Skinner. My question is did this Walter Skinner have a son named Walter Skinner who was born in Carroll County Maryland and was married to Salina Davis. Does any of your past newsletters include Robert Skinner of Calvert County Marylands' descendents to the level of Walter Skinner's son Walter Skinner???


Paul Skinner

Subject: Skinners in NJ and/or NYC

Date: 31 Dec 2000

From: Bill Philbrick Philbrickw@aol.com

I am searching for the Skinner line of my family. My great-grandmother was Mary Skinner born about 1885 in NY (possibly NJ) to Viola Baldwin Skinner and Jacob Skinner. Mary had a brother Rufus Skinner. We know that Jacob died and Viola Baldwin lived in her mother-in-law's (Mrs. Skinner) boarding house (in NY? NJ?). She then met Joseph Horson from Brighton, England and married him (and had a child, Beatrice).

Any information on Jacob Skinner, Viola Baldwin Skinner or their descendants would be VERY appreciated. !Who was the Jacob Skinner's mother who ran the boarding house?)

Bill Philbrick

Subject: Hiram Daniel Skinner [ID=UN4908]

Date: 30 Dec 2000

From: "Judy & Gary Skinner" ferrethut@ferrethut.com

I was wondering if you might be able to help. I am Gary Skinner, born of

Robert Leroy Skinner. His dad was

Orin Leroy Skinner, His dad was

C.W. Skinner His dad was

Hiram Daniel Skinner.

Hiram Daniel Skinner was Born 4/18/1818 his wife was Mary M. Brown born 10/11/1824

I am looking for deeper roots for Hiram. I am getting allot of dead ends.

Thanks for anything you can help with.

Gary Skinner


Date: 27 Nov 2000

From: W.J. Skinner, S. Canterbury, NZ

In the course of searching the ancestry of my Grand Father, William SKINNER, I have discovered that he was born in Ellon in Aberdeenshire on 24 May 1840, worked as a boat builder at Cullen in Bamfshire until there was a serious accident during the launching of a fishing dorie which put an end to the building of dories at Cullen.

William then set out for Otago in New Zealand arriving in 1868, subsequently meeting David MILLAR, who with his wife Marion (nee YOUNG) who arrived in Otago aboard the Philip Laing in 1848. They had a daughter Marion who was 6 months old on arrival, and there was born a daughter Jane, who married my grand father William SKINNER on 16 Dec 1879.

Both William and Jane died when the family were young, and as my Dad never discussed family history I can find no information relating to grand father William's family history beyond the date of his birth in 1840. Dates and family history here in New Zealand have been verified from records mostly in the Otago Early Settlers archives.

I have already contacted the Scottish Ancestral Roots research organization but so far have had no response from them.

Thanking you in anticipation,


South Canterbury, New Zealand


Date: 11 Nov 2000

From: M J Young breadmore@tylehurst.demon.co.uk

In September 1999 I wrote the following message to you which you acknowledged


I am looking for any descendants of Thomas SKINNER and Martha Ann BREADMORE who married at Brightwalton, Berkshire in January 1881. Thomas, aged 25, was a butler in East Woodhay, Hampshire later in 1881.

I am wondering if there were there any children of the marriage? Do you

have any records of this family?

Any information would be appreciated.


Recently I have discovered a Thomas Breadmore SKINNER from Southsea who was killed in action on 15 September 1916 - details on the Commonwealth War Graves web site - wife Ada Alice.

Do you have knowledge of Thomas Breadmore SKINNER or information that would help me establish who his parents were as I am sure there must be a connection to the BREADMORE family.

Looking forward to your reply!

Margaret Young GOONS 2503

Breadmore One-Name Study Web Site:



Date: 7 Nov 2000

From: Laurie SKINNER Timbercat33@aol.com


Hi my name is Laurie SKINNER can you help? I'm looking for anything to find family of my father's side his name was Benjamin Clearence SKINNER his father's name was William Nolen SKINNER his mother's name was Martha ( NOE ) SKINNER his brothers' names were Buford, George, Denzel, Charlee, Elmer, sisters were Christine, Thelma, Corene other last names were IRWIN, THOMAS, WILLIAMS, NOE and there are more I'm sure I just don't know.

Subject: Need Help with Skinner Relatives

Date: 5 Oct 2000

From: "Martis D. Ramage, Jr." martyr@tsixroads.com

I am searching for information on Skinner relatives. A relative of mine Rose Ellen Billingsley (born 20 August 1864) married William

Terrell Skinner (3 May 1862-13 April 1890) on 29 November 1883. I think they married in Red River County, Texas. Their children

were: Gertrude Ellen "Gertie" Skinner (29 October 1884-13 August 1946) married Arthur Aaron Fodge (1 December 1876-6 March

1937) in April of 1902 in Red River County, Texas; Samuel Byrum Skinner (born 25 February 1885) married Willie Manning and

settled in Los Angeles, California; Gomer T. Skinner (6 March 1887-25 September 1888); Jesse William Skinner (born 8 June 1888);

and Willie Ellen Skinner (17 August 1890-27 October 1983) married Edward L. Brodie (17 December 1880-27 December 1965) and

settled in Wagoner County, Oklahoma.

I would appreciate it very much if you would place this query on the internet.


Marty Ramage